The basic philosophy of the chip and run shot is to get the ball on the green and have it roll like a putt. Rolling the ball to the hole is easier and offers more control than hitting the ball in the air. For this reason, I believe that if you can putt the ball, you putt; but if you can’t then the next option is to chip the ball. 


Choosing a Club 

  1. Airtime
    How far do you need the ball to travel in the air to land on the green. (A good spot to land the ball on the green is 3 to 4 feet inside the fringe)
  2. Roll Time
    How far you want the ball to roll once it lands on the green to get to the hole.  


General Rules for Your Club Selection 

  • Sand Wedge – The ball will be in the air longer than it will roll on the ground 
  • Pitching Wedge – The ball will be in the air as long as it is on the ground 
  • 9 iron – Raito 1:2, The ball will be in the air 2 times as long as it is on the ground 
  • 8 iron – Raito 1:3, The ball will be in the air 3 times as long as it is on the ground 
  • 7 iron – Raito 1:4, The ball will be in the air 4 times as long as it is on the ground 
  • 6 iron – Raito 1:5, The ball will be in the air 5 times as long as it is on the ground 
  • Hybrid – your choice  



  • The ball should be on the ground more time it is in the air. 
  • Use clubs with less loft like a hybrid, 7, 8, 9 iron, or pitching wedge. 
  • Adjust your clubs to control your distance. 


Technique: Set up a Routine 

  •  The ball should be on the right side of chest and closer to your right foot. 
  • Keep your feet close together with your left toes turned toward your target. Let your lower body stabilize the shot. 
  • Keep your grip and right hand more on top and lean the shaft forward so that it’s in line with your left hip. 
  • Keep your weight 70% on your left foot and allow your weight to shift to 80% with pivot motion through to finish. 
  • Finish with your shaft in line with your left arm so that your shaft and arms make a triangle. Be sure to rotate all your chest all the way through your left side to finish the swing. 
  • Let your eyes follow the ball as you finish the swing. Do not keep your head down. 
  • Be your own best teacher. Hold your finish, assess your ball flight and swing, and correct. 


Basic Position Rules 

  • In your setup, the butt end of shaft is always pointing to your left hip if you’re right-handed golfer and to your right hip if you’re left-handed golfer.  
  • The ball should be farther back in your stance when you have a lot of green to work with and need roll the ball to the hole. 
  • The ball should be farther forward in your stance when do not have a lot of green between you and the hole and need the ball to land soft and have less roll. 


Chipping Practice Drills: 

  • Take five golf balls and chip to a hole. The goal is to get at least three balls within three feet of the hole. Play nine holes—with five balls, you get three tries to get three out of five balls within three feet to achieve your goal.  
  • Pick a spot where you want your chip shot to land and practice hitting to that spot. You can use a circle or tee as a reference spot. Use different clubs to practice what the air vs roll time is for you.


Remember: Golf should never hurt. Try this tip at your comfort. If you start to feel any pain, seek a professional’s advice.