LPGA Tour player and member of the 2019 USA Solheim Cup team, Marina Alex, took to Instagram Live to answer fan questions while making a wonderful vodka pasta sauce. Read a transcript of her Q&A below and find everything you need to cook along with her at home. 

What advice would you give a young junior wanting to become pro?

I think the biggest thing is you have your believe in yourself, believe in your abilities, believe in your team around you. You really need to trust that everything that you’re doing are the right steps to get you there. And be patient. Everyone’s process is different. It took me a really long time to get to where I am and it takes some people not a lot of time at all. So you just need to understand that, and when you feel you’re trending in the right direction, you take advantage of that the best you can and be patient when you’re not playing your best golf.

What practice tips do you have for playing at home? What is your favorite part the game to practice?

Practice tips at home are tricky. It depends on what you have access to. If you have enough space to do mirror work, I really like doing that. Looking at my backswing positions and checking at my set-up front on, all that kind of stuff . . . it’s just a good visual reminder to see what you’re doing. And my favorite part of the game to work is probably short game just because there’s so much variety. I can do chipping, putting, bunker, pitches, out-of-the-rough type grass, all different clubs . . . it’s endless in the types of practice, and it can be a lot of fun.

Who is your favorite golfer?

I hope Webby is watching, but Karrie Webb is my favorite golfer. For anyone who knows me, I get made fun of all the time for it because I’m a big fangirl. But she is my favorite by far. I watched her growing up, and I think she’s the best.

Advice for Mental Strength?

It’s kind of different for everyone. One thing I learned from my coach especially is the importance of meditation and taking some time for yourself and being able to find a quiet place in your head. It’s tough. We have so much distraction—cell phones, iPads, everyone’s always on something or Facetiming, or doing so many different things, and a lot of time you’re not just able to be with yourself and your thoughts. And when you’re on the golf course, that’s a majority of your time. And if you’re not practicing that, it’s easy to lose. Especially under pressure and when you’re feeling nervous. There are things that make you uncomfortable, so it’s really important to practice mental strength. And also be kind to yourself. Golf is really hard, especially from a mental standpoint, so you can’t beat yourself up whenever you make a mistake or do something wrong.

What would be your favorite cuisine to make that you haven’t tried?

It would be something Korean. I love Korean food, and I honestly don’t know how to cook it. So many of my friends do, and I would like to learn how to do more of the intricate stuff, especially like a Kimchi stew or making a pajeon seafood pancake; those are two of my favorite things, and I would like to be able to know how to do it on my own.

Who is your favorite golf course designer?

That’s a tough one. I would probably say Donald Ross, in the terms of courses that I play well at and like to play.

What course that you have not played would you like to play?

That would definitely be two courses that I haven’t been to—Shinnecock and St. Andrews. I would love to play both of those courses at some point.