Martin was part of the very first Drive On spot, “This is for Every Girl,” and returns to tell her own beautiful journey in two parts: a 30-second video feature and a first-person narrative on her “Never Quit!” mentality.

Martin had a chance to share more layers of her story via a virtual media roundtable, moderated by Kelly Schultz (LPGA VP of Communications) and Roberta Bowman (LPGA Chief Brand and Communications Officer).

“In many ways when people hear about golfers, they think of country clubs and they think about fairly exclusive environments; and Mo’s story is a journey of love at first swing and the dedication of family, and quite honestly the kindness of strangers,” said Bowman. “It was really hard to get all of that into 30 seconds, so we settled on that emotional connection with where her story began. We’ll let Mo and frankly the career that lies ahead tell the rest of it.”

As Martin spoke of what it meant for her story to be featured as part of the Drive On campaign, she expressed her pride in the journey, her bashfulness, and the importance of the “human” part of the story.

“Even if you’re an athlete or not, I think people can see these pieces who have never played golf, who have never played in their life and they can connect to that, and they can come away with a positive feeling and learn something about us,” said Martin. “I think the more we can focus on the human pieces of athletes, the better. We have so many characters on Tour, and so I just love that our stories are being revealed more and more. This is honestly, from the first time on the LPGA, I felt like we had so many different personalities and so many different stories, and my wish was that they got told and had that platform, and it’s coming true in a big way.”

The virtual media roundtable also included some special guests from LPGA*USGA Girls Golf. Ophelia Buñuel, a 10-year-old member from Girls Golf of Miami, ended the call with her own gratitude for Martin.

“Thank you for inspiring this little girl by sharing your story. ‘We are all born perfect for what we are meant to accomplish in this lifetime.’ I will cherish that quote forever.”