I am determined to instill in my daughters the desire to follow their dreams and accomplish their goals. To teach them that no matter what unfortunate circumstances may occur, you can still rise above them and make your dreams come true.

Going back to school as a non-traditional student, I had not seen a lot of scholarships or opportunities for single mothers—until I came across the LPGA Amateur Golf Association’s Women on Par Scholarship. I was delighted because it applied to someone like me. Someone who got off course a little bit, got married, had kids, went through a divorce, and decided that at this point it was time to do something for me. It just felt great to know that there were people supporting an endeavor for somebody like me.

Since receiving the 2018 Women on Par Scholarship, I recently graduated Cum Laude from Birmingham-Southern College with a degree in Collaborative Education—General and Special Education. My plans are to earn my master’s degree from the University of Alabama-Birmingham and start my career as a 4th Grade teacher in Homewood, Alabama.

Winning the Women on Par Scholarship impacted me in several ways. It challenged me to continue to pursue my dreams of becoming a teacher. It encouraged me to pay it forward by founding a small group to assist single/divorced mothers who are pursuing higher education. And most importantly, it instilled a desire into my daughters to continue to reach their goals no matter the circumstances and/or obstacles.

Since I have had my girls, my goal was to inspire them and to be an example for them to know that they can do anything that they want to do. It is not too late. Even for people and other single mothers or parents whose dream is to go back to school, I wanted to be an inspiration and let them know that it can be done; it’s hard work, but it can be done.

When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a teacher. Many would profess their desire to become a doctor, lawyer, or nurse, but my love of teaching overrode other professions. So, I accepted the call to education and have decided to follow my greatest dream of becoming an Elementary School Teacher.

My gift, which is what I consider teaching as, will help students to see the possibilities laid before them. My job, once they realize the possibilities, is to help them reach their full potential. I am a stepping-stone for them toward their greatest self. Just like in magical novels, there are castles that sit upon high mountains, shrouded in clouds that you’re drawn to approach, just to see what lies inside; and, I want my students to soar, to reach and strive for the top. I want them to see what is behind the doors that seem closed, or too far to reach. I am the unicorn that carries them there. I am the teacher that will open the doors for them and move barriers that seem to block their understanding when answers are touchable but seem so far away. I am going to be the teacher that makes learning an invitation to another place.

The joy that I must share with wide eyed children waiting for that one spark that will open windows for them that were once closed before, wasn’t given to me to hide. I will allow my light and creativity to continuously engage my students in reading, mathematics, and science as they conquer new levels of knowledge. Watching my students blossom and knowing that I’ve somehow contributed in a way that fostered it will be what puts a smile on my face; because, education is an incredibly powerful force that will shape the lives of students and our world, and I would desperately want to be a part of it.

As a divorced/single mother, it was taxing working full-time, raising daughters, completing multiple readings, assignments, and an intense certification process. Receiving the Women on Par Scholarship meant so much to me because I felt as if I was invisible and no one understood the struggles I faced while completing my degree. I am blessed to have a strong support system who often encouraged and spoke words of life into me during my undergraduate studies.

I literally cried tears of joy when Ms. Diana Gats (the Women on Par Scholarship Chair) called me two years ago to announce I was a recipient of the scholarship. I am cheering for the current Women on Par recipients as they journey to complete their studies, and I cannot thank LPGA Amateurs enough for investing into my future.

CaMeisha H. Brown, a recipient for the Women on Par Scholarship in 2018, began teaching Fourth Grade this year and reports “It has been GREAT so far!” With the 2020 recipients included, the Women on Par Scholarship has helped 27 women realize their dreams of obtaining their degree. There are two ways to contribute to amazing women’s education like CaMeisha:


  1. LPGA Amateurs Virtual Scramble – Proceeds go to the Women on Par Scholarship and the LPGA Renee Powell Grant. Register and play by September 13, 2020. (Non-members can register by becoming Virtual member with the donation of $25)
  2. Donate and select the designation Women on Par Scholarship