When I first meet a non-golfer, and we start talking about the game, they’ll generally make it a point to talk about how great golf is for networking or how nice it is that it can be played by all ages. But when I first meet a fellow golfer, our chats inevitably always turn to comparing notes on our favorite courses, trading tips for playing in certain parts of the country, and gushing about the best golf trips we’ve ever been on.

Yes, golf is wonderful for business and is one of the few truly lifelong sports, but golf can also be the vehicle for discovering new places and is a unique way to connect with a destination like no other.

My fondest travel memories revolve around the places I wouldn’t have otherwise visited if it weren’t for golf. The BEST golf of my life was played in French Lick, Indiana. I drank water straight from the source in Evian, France, while captaining a team of four of the most talented junior golfers in the world. And I got to feed marshmallows to an alligator near a water hazard while in Kiawah Island, South Carolina (but that stays between us, okay?).

This month, we’ll highlight some of the most interesting golf destinations, feature some incredible women paving the way in the golf travel industry, and give you some expert advice on how to make golf part of your next vacation—you deserve it!

Happy golfing!

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