Posture Lessons from Stacy Lewis

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January 5, 2018
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February 8, 2018

Posture Lessons from Stacy Lewis

Christina Ricci breaks down Stacy Lewis' perfect golf posture
Stacy Lewis Olympics

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Keeping your posture consistent throughout your swing will not only help you avoid topping the ball, but will help you get to a balanced finish.

LPGA Teaching Professional Christina Ricci examines Stacy Lewis’ swing to explain how:

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This has really helped me. I used to “lift up” so very often.
Thanks for the visual. Seeing is believing, and doing.


Can you use a left handed golfer as well? I know the steps are the same but it’s better to see a visual . Thank you!

Nan \"O\"

Simple & GOOD thoughts …JUST STAY ALL THE WAY…

Hollie West

Posture and spine angle is not something I have ever thought a lot about, so this was extremely helpful. Will definitely help me keep that old “sway” that creeps in sometimes.

All about the hinge, I have a hard time with that squat??