With so much to love about golf, it’s a bummer that shopping for an outfit you love can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Luckily, members of the LPGA’s Teaching and Club Professionals will help take the guesswork out of finding golf clothing that fits your style and flatters your shape and size.

Here are the most highly recommended brands from nearly fifty professional women who work in the golf industry:


One of the primary hurdles taller golfers can face is finding tops that offer enough coverage for a full swing and bottoms with the right length for their long legs. Shopping brands that offer more than one length is a great place to start when in search of clothing with the right fit.

At the Top of the List for Taller Players:

Womens Golf Fashion Tall

“I like that [Jofit] has two different lengths in skorts. It’s hard to find a decent length for my long legs!!” – Meave


A smaller frame can pose its own set of challenges in length and fit. Finding a piece that you love but isn’t a perfect fit shouldn’t stop you from adding it to your wardrobe. Here’s a Pro Tip: “Taking pieces to get tailored is a small investment to get the fit just right for your golf wardrobe staples.” – Katie. We agree! Don’t let that perfect piece get away. 🙂

Most Recommended Brands for Petite Golfers:


Whether you have a sporty frame, or just love mixing athletic pieces with more feminine styles, consider these brands to get a look you love. They may not be as well-known as a Nike, Puma, or Adidas, but they each come highly recommended from our LPGA Pros.

Best Brands for Your Inner Pro Golfer:

“For bottoms, I always wear a skirt! It’s about comfort, fit and pockets! I always gravitate towards the athleticism, spunk and feminine quality of LuLuLemon skirts. The fabric and quality hold up and they make me feel like a feminine athlete!” – Cori M.


Style, performance, and sleek silhouettes that accommodate women of all shapes and sizes is what every woman who plays golf wants. Whether you prefer a classic style or bold prints, there’s a little something from these highly loved brands.

Most Recommended Brands for Curvy Golfers:

“Lopez for plus size! I’m a curvy, thick chick and their stuff fits perfect! Plus their sizes are true.  Their clothing is comfortable, fashionable, and washes well. I’ve been wearing many of their pieces for years!” – Laura S.
“My favorite is LoudMouth. I’m so tired of the old classic look. I add a little spice. Even if I wear a more conservative outfit, I’ll put on a rhinestone customized belt buckle.” – Abbey M.


For those who need something tried-and-true that provides a sporty look with room for movement, try these beloved brands perfect for the bustier golfing gals.

Best-in-Class for Bustier Golfers:

“SanSoleil tops are a great fit in my opinion for busty women. I like that the lighter colored and lightweight tops aren’t “see-through” like a few other brands I’ve tried on. They don’t leave sweat marks and they have a wide variety of color and pattern options…and of course great for sun protection.” – Katie D.

Have recommendations of your own? Tell us the brands you can’t get enough of in the comments section below.