September 6, 2019
Women's Golf Grip

Get a Grip! Follow this Guide to Improve Your Hold on the Club

LPGA Teacher Deb Vangellow share's a step-by-step guide for ensuring a proper grip.
August 16, 2019
slow play lpga

What’s the Secret to Combating Slow Play? Trust.

The more efficiently you spend your time in the Think Box, and learn to trust your instincts the easier it will be to play well.
August 7, 2019
Grip it and Rip it

How to Grip it and Rip it

July 26, 2019
Woman Golf Lesson

We Asked 27 LPGA Players and Teachers for their Very Best Advice for Golf Newbies

Perform a cursory search on the internet for advice on how to get started with golf, and you’ll find enough […]