Whether you decide to play 3, 6, 9 or 18 holes of golf, you’ll experience a mix of layouts, distances and pars for each hole.

Each hole requires a different number of strokes, shots, or swings that you will take to finish it. The United States Golf Association has “rated” most golf courses. They map out each course and determine par (the number of strokes it should take a good player to finish the hole).

When you hit the first shot on each hole, you are teeing off. Your second shot is hit from the fairway with the goal of hitting the ball onto the green, where you will roll the ball into the hole with a putter. Add the number of times you hit the ball to total your score.


Par 3

Women 50-200 yards 

Men 50-250 yards 

Par 4

Women 201-400 yards 

Men 251-475 yards 

Par 5

Women 401-575 yards 

Men 476-600 yards


Each hole is unique unto itself. There really are no two holes exactly alike, which is what makes golf so unique and enjoyable.

On any particular hole, you will find a teeing ground, fairway, rough, fringe, bunkers, green, and possible water hazards. Each obstacle becomes a challenge for the player to avoid. This means learning to hit your golf ball where you want it to go is of the utmost importance.