These LPGA Players’ Acts of Kindness will Inspire You

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These LPGA Players’ Acts of Kindness will Inspire You

Stacy Lewis' donation to hurricane relief is one of many acts of kindness made by LPGA stars
Sandra Gal Girls Golf

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These LPGA and Symetra tour star's contributions may not have generated "Beyonce-level" media buzz, but their gifts of compassion will inspire you none the less.

Stacy Lewis Donates $195,000 to Hurricane Relief

Stacy Lewis ended her three-year drought with an emotional win at the Cambia Portland Classic. Her win served as both a personal boost in confidence and as a victory for the people of Houston - the city she now calls home. Immediately following her win Stacy donated her entire winner's check ($195,000 in total) to the Houston Relief Fund to support families impacted by Hurricane Harvey. [Photo: Johnathan Ferry, Getty Images]

Symetra Tour Player "Plays it Forward" for Hurricane Relief

Shannon Face Hurricane Harvey Relief
Players on the Symetra Tour (the developmental tour for the LPGA) play for less prize money than their PGA and LPGA Tour counterparts, but that didn’t stop Houston native Shannon Fish from personally pledging $100 for every birdie and $500 for every eagle she made during the Sioux Falls GreatLIFE Challenge. Fish’s gesture inspired the tournament’s sponsor to expand her efforts, offering to match funds up to $50,000 for the Houston Relief Fund.

Hyemin Kim Gives Her Very First Winner's Check ( $15,000 in total) to Girls Golf

Women who play golf professionally dedicate their lives to competing at the highest level, and it could take years for them to win their first big tournament and payout, if at all. For Symetra Tour player Hyemin Kim, donating her entire winners check to support the dreams of young girl golfers made her victory even sweeter. She donated the entirety of her $15,000 winner's check to LPGA USGA Girls Golf. When asked about her gift, Hyemin said, "I just want to help the next generation of girls and my hope is that this donation helps bring more girls to golf that don't have the means on their own." Watch our interview with Hyemin Kim here

Morgan Pressel Plays for a Cure

LPGA Player Morgan Pressel lost her mother to breast cancer at the tender age of 15. Determined to help other women at risk, she began the annual Morgan & Friends Charity Pro-Am, enlisting LPGA players and celebrities to lend support in her charity fundraiser. She's raised more than $2 million for cancer research and early detection vehicles including a mammovan which provides affordable breast exams and health care to those who might not otherwise receive it.

A Walk to Remember with Sandra Gal

Sandra Gal Walk with Sandra Girls Golf
German-born LPGA star Sandra Gal brings a unique experience to young LPGA*USGA Girls Golf members in hopes that they too will one day walk between the ropes on the LPGA Tour. She started her very own “Walk with Sandra” program, offering two lucky young girls the chance to come inside the ropes with her during LPGA competition to get an early glimpse at professional competition. She’s the only player on any professional Tour (men's and women's) that on a week-to-week basis voluntarily brings young girls inside the ropes to walk alongside her on her journey. She's also raised more than $10,000 to help inspire more girls to play golf through the Girls Golf program.

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Minnie Ballard

So proud of all these women golfers donating time and money to worthy causes. Someday the winnings will match what the men earn!!


No mention of generosity of Lydia Ko over the years. Especially her personal investment in young New Zealand golfers, supporting them on their career path in golf e.g. sponsoring trips & tuition to Florida on an annual basis – http://www.golf.co.nz/NewsMedia/Article.aspx?id=3203