Q: So, how has the transition gone?

Mollie: My transition has been extremely busy but also fascinating and inspiring. It’s been a bit of a long transition. I think the team has been very patient and have done a phenomenal job keeping the organization moving forward. But this sort of lengthy transition has allowed me to learn a lot and I feel as though I’m ready to dive right in and hit the ground running.

I also recognize that it’s been hard on the team. And it’s been challenging from a personal perspective, making sure that I properly wound down my responsibilities at Princeton and got my family moved and settled. But I couldn’t be more excited to be sitting here at LPGA HQ today.

Q: And what have you learned so far?

Mollie: There are a couple of big takeaways. Number one, LPGA Tour players are just remarkable. The level of athleticism, the overall talent, the grit, the determination, the passion and the commitment that they show every week is amazing. Seeing it up close and personal has been really fun for me.

I’ve also learned that the tour is in really good shape. We have great people, great partners, and a very solid schedule. But I also think there are great opportunities in front of us, which is very exciting to me.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, ‘The women on the LPGA Tour are incredible. They’re so talented; they’re relatable; they’re determined, and they really engage authentically with their fans and partners.’ And then I also hear how much people like working with the LPGA team. That is a wonderful position to come into, because if you have the right people you can accomplish anything.

Those have been the biggest takeaways. But there are a million other layers beyond that.

Q: You’ve just moved to Florida. How has your family adjusted?

Mollie: They’ve been great. The kids start school tomorrow and we’re largely settled in. Thanks for asking. I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself with great teams and family is the most important team we all have.

Then the people that you work with are so important. I can’t say enough about the team here and how much I look forward to working with them.

Q: How many of our athletes have you met so far?

Mollie: Well, I’ve met a lot in terms of just saying ‘hi’ in passing and have had some more in-depth conversations. My goal, now that I’m here officially, is to reach out to players individually in some form or fashion. I got a text from Michelle Wie West on my first day saying, ‘Welcome,’ which was great. And I hope to connect with all the players one on one in due time. There are a lot of them. But those personal connections are really important to me.

Q: What will be your first event, officially, as Commissioner?

Mollie: It looks like it will be the Solheim Cup. I went to the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and I went to the Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational. But with us being in the middle of the European swing right now, travel restrictions make getting over there a little difficult. But I will certainly be at the Solheim Cup.

Q: What are your immediate priorities?

Mollie: My first priority is to listen and learn, to gain an understanding of the full landscape. But then it’s to dive into strategic planning where we will look at our values and mission and define those clearly; look at all of our assets and resources and define our priorities and plan moving forward.

Looking at our communications, our technologies; our content; our broadcasts; looking at the tournament schedule and seeing how we can continue to grow; looking at purses at all the tournaments – I could go on and on. But the first and most important priority is to listen and learn and then put together a clear action plan.