Why the Secret to More Golf Might be in Your Sock Drawer

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Why the Secret to More Golf Might be in Your Sock Drawer

Everyone wants to have more time for golf. However, the reality is life often gets in the way. But finding time might be easier than you think.

Written By:

Abbey Algiers

Abbey lives in the Midwest with her husband and spends her time writing, teaching English, traveling the world, and balancing it all with golf, running, and yoga.

Raise your hand if you’d describe your life as crazy busy?

I thought so.

Our to-do lists are at maximum capacity, filled with family commitments, fun with friends, work, and all our efforts to keep our bodies and homes in tip-top condition. The craziness can make it tough to schedule activities to the list, especially golf.

However, it can be done—no matter how busy you are. You can play more golf. It’s just going to take a little effort on your part, but perhaps not the kind of effort you’re expecting.

Here’s the deal . . . the secret to more golf (and actually the key to more of everything you crave) is found in your sock drawer.

Are you wondering if I’m nuts yet?

Actually, my husband will confirm that I am nuts. I regularly run around my house like a lunatic, searching for this or that . . . all in the name of getting ready for wherever I’m going. When it comes to golf, it’s always socks. I can’t find them to save my life. First, I struggle to find clean, appropriate socks. Why are knee socks the first things I see on a hot summer day? Second, when I finally locate golf socks, I consider it a victory to find a pair that actually matches.

Note: this is almost as rare as a hole-in-one.

I can’t tell you the number of squabbles my patient hubby and I have had before a tee time . . . I’m always late, and usually, it’s because of my socks.

Simply put, my sock drawer is a MESS.

It’s ridiculous, full to the brim. This may sound like a stretch, but I really think I could golf better if this drawer were tidier. I’d avoid the cycle that has me searching my sock drawer, the clean and dirty laundry, and the sock drawer again, all in the name of my tootsies. By the time I find a pair, my husband is annoyed, we’re running late, and we both feel frenzied.

I have come to the conclusion that if I could just tighten up this part of my routine, it’d somehow help. Even if my golf game wouldn’t improve miraculously, I’d at least feel more relaxed and ready for fun.

Now, maybe you’re reading this and you’re one of those people whose sock drawer is divine, color-coded, arranged according to sport, or use, or size, or some other annoying category.

(Sarcasm aside, I salute you.)

Good for you. Really!

But I’m guessing there’s a “sock drawer” in your life. Something that could use your attention. Maybe it’s a closet. or your glove compartment or trunk in your car. Could be your golf bag. Whatever the case, I invite you to give it some attention and see what happens.

It might just leave more time for fun things . . . like golf!

Personally, I’m starting small, and just trying to MATCH every time I leave the house.

A girl can dream, right?

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