Your August Golf Horoscopes

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Your August Golf Horoscopes

See whether pars are the the stars for you this month
Aquarius - 800x800


January 20 - February 18
Consider your risk and reward as the month progresses. You may be put in circumstances on and off the course that tests your strategic ability. Trust your instincts and utilize your independent mind to make the best decision.
Pisces - 800x800


February 19 - March 20
This month will give you the opportunity to fight for your goal. don't let all your hard work deter you from your very best self. Push forward and let go of any fear of failure on and off the course.
Aries - 800x800


March 21 - April 19
Try to take it slow this month as you have been pushing your breaking point to its limit. Play some fun and easy going rounds with friends or family and work to clear your head and take a deep breath. Look for the details and beauty around you as Mars moves to Virgo and the opportunity to take time surfaces only once every two years.
Taurus - 800x800


April 20 - May 20
Try to continue your streak and open yourself to new possibilities this month. Keep your head up and be prepared to develop new relationships on the course or at the clubhouse. Your exploration will bring you improvement on your game and growth in your social circle.
Gemini - 800x800


May 21 - June 20
This will be a great month of learning. Utilize any advice and find an instructor to help tweak your swing and improve your understanding of the game. Greatness is on the horizon and your curious personality can help guide you to improve all you can.
Cancer - 800x800


June 21 - July 22
You may fall into some challenges or hazards but work to look at them in a different light. Carry a positive attitude along with you and see a shot in the trees as an opportunity to get creative. This can help you stay positive through your round and allow for your emotions to not run too high.
Leo - 800x800


July 23 - August 22
This is your month to shine on the course. Head out with a smile and truly enjoy yourself as your swing with confidence. Trust your instincts and go with them as you take in the beauty around you.
Virgo - 800x800


August 23 - September 22
Don't be discouraged if your drives aren't the prettiest because as long as the ball gets where it needs to go you're solid. Fight the tendency to criticize yourself and look at the shot as a UBE (Ugly But Effective). Your job is to get it in the hole, not to hit the prettiest swing.
Libra - 800x800


September 23 - October 22
Take a chance to lean on others for some support and advice this month. Whether it is from an instructor or a friend, learn to accept help from others, and it will open doors for you. This may lead to new lessons on and off the course that will further develop your understanding.
Scorpio - 800x800


October 23 - November 21
Learn to explore more this summer through golf. You have solid support from family and friends and to further discover yourself, you must branch out. This can begin by changing your routine, trying new clubs, playing with new people, and maybe changing your post-round drink.
Sagittarius - 800x800


November 22 - December 21
Work to abandon yourself to the summer days. This month, you may feel rushed or overwhelmed. Going out and playing non-competitive round will be a perfect way to unload under the fleeting summer days.
Capricorn - 800x800


December 22 - January 19
You work on the range will begin to pay off over the course of the month but in an unlikely way. Opportunities may surface that will test your discipline. Open yourself up to new possibilities, and you may achieve even greater success.

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