We have all had funny, embarrassing, and horrific experiences out on the golf course. So in the Halloween spirit, we scoured the internet to find our readers’ Golf Horror Stories.

The Raccoon


I was walking the golf course one day when a raccoon blocked me from crossing the bridge. He stood there like Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings “You Shall Not Pass!” I left my golf ball and decided to skip that hole! Better then getting bit by a raccoon!

Robyn J.


Golf Ball

I was golfing with a Mom and her daughter. The daughter should have hollered FORE but she hollered MAMA! What does a Mom do when she hears her name? Look… the golf ball hit Mom in the eye. Blood was running down her face and I thought Mom had lost her eye. Once cleaned, the ball had hit the bone above the eye. Whew. Scary and horrible!

Susan S.


Hadn’t been playing golf long when everyone convinced me to play in the club championship. We play one day on one course and the second day on the other. (I am blessed to belong to a club that has 2 full 18 hole courses) The first day on one hole I put several balls in the crap and scored a 27 on that hole. I had to keep going if I wanted to play the second day. There it was splashed up on the score board for all to see. The next morning before the second round the club pro gave me a sleeve of balls with a Star and 27 in the middle of it. He said I deserved a prize just for not quitting and laughing about it. 🙂

Sharon H.

The “Sprinkler”


One day my husband and I were playing golf and one of my shots landed in deep rough on one hole. As I was looking for my ball, I heard sprinkler sound but I didn’t see any water. Every time I moved, I heard the sprinkler sound but when I stopped moving the sprinkler sound stopped. Then I saw the “Beware of rattlesnakes” sign. I decided to stop looking for my ball. That was the closest I came to a rattlesnake while playing golf.

Janice K.

The Thing


I live in Florida so have had some close encounters with alligators, but to be honest the scariest animal I’ve seen on the course was a roadrunner. I was playing in Arizona, and just as I was taking my backswing this strange chicken looking thing came running out from the bushes behind me! I’d never seen an animal like that so it totally freaked me out. I later discovered what it was thanks to locals. I actually remember googling “chickens with rabies” lol!

Ashleigh M.

Wrong Ball

When my husband and I were newbies at the game, we decided one Sunday afternoon to try a new course. The fairways ran parallel to each other, separated by trees and shrubs. There was almost no one out there. My husband sliced his tee shot, and it landed between the two fairways. He was playing a Titelist 1. When he got to the ball, he discovered it was within a foot of another Titleist 1. He looked up and down the other fairway, but saw no one, so he lifted one of the balls to look for his mark. All of a sudden a big guy came running up to him screaming at him and holding his club as if he was going to hit him! He got right up in my husband’s face, who was trying to explain why he lifted the ball. I think if the guy didn’t see me approaching, he would have decked my husband. We went on to the next hole to get away from him, then informed the pro what happened when we finished, but the rest of the game was not fun. Animals don’t scare me, but whacked out humans do!

Carolyn S.

Ahead of the Pack


I was playing alone on a course in Texas when I noticed a coyote emerge from the trees, followed by a second. We stared briefly, and they moved on after I took a quick photo on my phone. When I checked the photo, I saw a couple more in the trees I hadn’t noticed before. As I went to the back of the cart to put away my 6-iron, I noticed the little pack had circled around behind me and emerged again from the trees. I held onto my iron, decided to take a bogie on the hole since I was on the green in three, and move onto the next hole.

Marissa M.

An American Golfer in Vienna

Golf Course

I was golfing in Vienna, and a local told me to disregard raking after my sand shot because it was late in the day and the groundskeeper will come around and rake anyway. Being a guest to the foursome I kept moving along (ready golf!) and proceeded to get yelled at by another Austrian from a nearby hole who had seen me walk away from my bunker shot without raking. It was against my better judgment and usual etiquette, but I was a guest, so I went along with my host. Never again. Lesson learned! Totally embarrassed! 😖

Jeannine G.

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind


I was playing by myself on an very rural golf course when a red tailed hawk started dive bombing me. It was so upsetting I moved on. She must have had a nest near by.

Joy B.

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