We have all had funny, embarrassing, and horrific experiences out on the golf course. So in the Halloween spirit, we scoured the internet to find our readers’ Golf Horror Stories.

The Raccoon


I was walking the golf course one day when a raccoon blocked me from crossing the bridge. He stood there like Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings “You Shall Not Pass!” I left my golf ball and decided to skip that hole! Better then getting bit by a raccoon!

Robyn J.


Golf Ball

I was golfing with a Mom and her daughter. The daughter should have hollered FORE but she hollered MAMA! What does a Mom do when she hears her name? Look… the golf ball hit Mom in the eye. Blood was running down her face and I thought Mom had lost her eye. Once cleaned, the ball had hit the bone above the eye. Whew. Scary and horrible!

Susan S.