Playing golf is a privilege. Having the time needed to play, access to the necessary equipment and clothing, and the finances to afford practicing and playing are points that should never be overlooked. Even when we know we’re fortunate to be able to play golf, it’s easy to take our enjoyment and participation in the sport for granted. Taking the time to give back to the sport that gives us so much is a win-win.

Here are 6 ideas to try:

Introduce someone new to the game

Invite a younger player to join you for a round or time at the driving range. Perhaps you can reach out to a school in an underfunded area and see if they know of any golfers, or simply a student who may be interested in the game. You can provide someone an opportunity to play on a course that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to or introduce someone to the sport for the first time, and you both get to build a connection with someone new.

Donate your used clubs

Again, look to schools who may have golf teams or programs, or youth organizations like the YMCA who may be in need of equipment. A quick Google search in your area may direct you to places that collect used clubs, or ask at the courses you play at if they know of any local organizations. Using your new clubs as an opportunity to gift someone else with a new-to-them set is a great way to give back (and keep the clubs out of the landfill!).

Play in tournaments where you’re raising money for a cause

Playing in a tournament is great; playing in one that gives back to a cause is even better. Or, if you have the means, donate to the tournament, sponsor a hole, or give your time to help the tournament be successful. Playing to support a cause is great for everyone involved.

Volunteer your time

As the last point suggests, fundraising tournaments may want volunteers, from helping secure donations, spreading the word, or helping execute everything that happens at a tournament. In addition to volunteering at tournaments, consider reaching out to local schools with golf teams, or public courses who may be in need of volunteers to help their programs run.