#inviteHER is a nation-wide movement aimed at introducing and reconnecting women to the game of golf through a simple, yet often overlooked, tool—a personal invitation.

As a golf professional or facility operator, we’re inviting YOU to join the movement by hosting an #inviteHER experience at your facility.

Get Creative. Be Inspired. Fit Your Audience.

Need a few ideas? Look below to see some highlights about Celebration Golf Club’s successful, flagship #inviteHER Experience event.

“When we heard about the #inviteHER initiative, inspired by the LPGA Women’s Network, we knew we wanted to help implement this wonderfully simple idea. More women will play golf if they are invited to join someone on the course.”

Celebration Golf Course

How It Works

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    Sign up using the form below to register your interest in hosting an #inviteHER Experience event at your club or facility.
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    You will receive a welcome email, explaining more information on how to host one of our sample event curriculums and you will also have access to a marketing and social media toolkit to help promote your events.
  • Host Your Event
    Using one—or all!—of the sample lesson plans and accompanying marketing materials, host your event, and see how we’ve made it easy to turn curious golfers on to all of the great benefits golf can offer.
  • Let Us Know How It Went
    At the end of the golf season, you will receive a follow-up email survey, where you can tell us all about the success of your program and share the stories of your participants.

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Nothing! There is no fee to host or conduct the experience.
Absolutely! Men and children are welcome to join in on the experience. The sample lesson plans are merely engineered to be female friendly, but not exclusive to women only. The more the merrier!
You can start your program any time after registering using the interest form and receiving your marketing materials.
Yes. The pricing it up to you and your facility. However, we suggest basing rates on what you or your facility typically charge for group lessons, or at least to cover the greens fee costs.

Yes! If you have an active membership with the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals, then you are eligible to receive 8 LPGA CUs for each experience you host for a maximum of 24 LPGA CUs per year. To receive your CUs, please complete the #inviteHER post-event survey that you will receive over email near the end of the season.

No. We only require the information provided in the #inviteHER Experiences Host Interest Form. When and where and how many experiences you or your facility choose to host is completely up to you once you’ve submitted the interest form and received the marketing materials and sample lesson plans in your email.

Though it is strongly recommended that instructors hold an industry certification, it is not required.

No. While #inviteHER will provide suggested lesson plans and marketing materials for the experiences, as well as the opportunity to be featured on the LPGA Women’s Network Event Calendar, the event itself is the sole responsibly of the host and facility putting on the experiences and is in no way affiliated or sanctioned by the LPGA, PGA, We Are Golf, the USGA, or any of #inviteHER’s other industry partners.


If you have a question that was not addressed, or if you would like additional information, please send an email to experiences@inviteher.com.

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