If golf is a sport that you enjoy, chances are you play for yourself and the enjoyment that you get from practicing and playing. That’s great, but did you ever stop to realize how great of a role model you’re being for your daughter by being a golfer?

Golf is a game full of opportunity and with that comes the opportunity to be an excellent role model and possibly instill the love of the game in your daughters, their friends, and other young females in your life.

Here are seven reasons why your daughter should see you playing golf:

Girls Need Role Models

Girls need role models of all kinds, and let’s face it, you are one of the best they can get! You have many ways that you can be a role model for your daughters, and being a golfer shows them your love of the game. This can translate into them wanting to play and discovering that love for the sport too.

More is Caught than Taught

By playing golf, your daughters see you being active, socializing, and developing your skills. These are all great lessons that we want to impart on our kids, but sometimes when we talk about these lessons, our kids tune us out. By setting a good example, you’re teaching lessons without having to tell them over and over again (and you’ll all appreciate that!).

Golf is for Everyone

Golf is a lifetime sport that can be shared across generations and levels. It is one of those rare activities that just about anyone can participate in. Even starting off with going to the driving range, or sparking interest at a mini golf course for your little ones or granddaughters can get them excited about this enjoyable sport.

Show Independence

Playing golf shows that you have a life of your own. Being a golfer requires time, which means you’re making yourself a priority. Not only are you setting a good example for your daughters that if they become a parent then their time and interests still matter, but as your daughters get older, they will probably appreciate that you have a life of your own!

Show Strong Female Friendships

Golf allows you to make friends and model for your daughter healthy relationships built on common interests. Allowing your daughters to see strong female friendships is always a good thing. Though you may come across challenges within your friendships, this also shows your daughter how to navigate the world of friendships and relationships.

Show Perseverance

You know golf isn’t easy. Golf allows your child to see you working through challenges. This is similar to the “more is caught than taught” idea; we can encourage our kids to work through their own struggles, giving them tips and ideas for how to handle challenges, but sometimes they learn more when they see us go through hard times. Even if your daughter isn’t a golfer (yet), she may be an athlete and seeing you handle the ups and downs of sport will help build her confidence that she can do the same.

Find Connection

Golf gives you another way to connect with your daughters. Raising a daughter will look different as she gets older, and golf can become one of the consistent ways that you connect with each other. Golf may become something she shares with her family and many years from now your golfing foursome could span multiple generations. Golf is the gift that keeps on giving to your family.

Though your daughter may be hesitant to try golf, resist pushing too hard. With a gentle nudge here and there paired with your daughters watching you learn, play, and enjoy the sport, you will be a role model that they will likely want to follow. Golf allows you to enjoy yourself and be active and social all the while being a role model for your daughters and other young females in your family.