9 Fall Golf Essentials

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9 Fall Golf Essentials

Grab your favorite "pumpkin spiced" treat and these essentials for your next Fall golf outing
Fall Golf Essentials

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When it comes to playing golf in cooler temperatures, feeling warm and cozy yet free enough to swing freely is a must. Plan for layers and these nine Fall golf essentials for your next Autumn outing on the course:

Women's Fall Golf Fashion Essentials


  1. Knit Cap – with or without a pom-pom. 😉
  2. Ear Warmers – find a pair of this versatile accessory that fits your style.
  3. Headband – some winter headbands now include an ingenious little opening in the back to keep your ponytail in place.
  4. Cardigan – an easy transitional layer to add to your ensemble.
  5. Hot Hands Hand Warmers – these air activated heat packs can be easily slipped into your pockets. Buy them now, thank us later.
  6. Wind/Rain Jacket – a lightweight layer that will help keep the wind, rain, and cold at bay.
  7. Winter/Wind Pants – another lightweight layer that can be easily slipped on before or mid-round.
  8. Leggings – with leggings you won’t have to pack away your golf skorts until the Spring.
  9. Knit Socks – don’t neglect to keep your feet warm. Find knit socks that offer comfort and stability for your swing.

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