Thanks to the power of social media, you don’t have to look far to find eye-catching photos from women enjoying the game of golf. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite photos and videos to give you a little inspiration for your very own golf adventures.


1. They say golf’s golden rule is to play the ball as it lies


2. Proof that there are a lot of ways to hit a golf ball, none of which are wrong




3. Golf claps for this innovative way to decorate a Christmas Tree



4. Proof that you can work on your game anywhere



4. This inspiration from Troy Mullins training for the Long Drive Championship



5. This photo of Lexi Thompson taking a stroll with a young fan



6. This precious photo


7. When your first set of wheels is a golf cart!



8. Little known fact: Princesses LOVE golf 🙂


9. Experiencing the eclipse on the golf course

This golfer took a few liberties with mother nature and technology but created a beautifully eye-catching photo 🙂

Tell us which photo is your favorite or share photos of your own using the hashtag #LPGAWomen