A Checklist: What to do When You’re Invited to Play Golf

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A Checklist: What to do When You’re Invited to Play Golf

The perfect list to print and check-off to ensure you're fully prepared for a day on the course
A Checklist for Getting Invited

Written By:

Cindy Miller

Cindy Miller competed on the LPGA Tour in 1979, 1980 and 1981 and is the current National LPGA Teacher of the Year. Cindy is ranked in the Top 30 of the Legends Tour Career Money List.

Whether you’ve been invited to play a round of golf with a friend, or are preparing for a charity tournament, use this simple checklist to prepare for the big day:

Prepare Your Look

Call the course ahead of time and ask about the dress code.

Ask your host what others plan to wear.

Check the weather for the day of the outing. Bring additional layers.

Make sure you have rain gear (rain jacket, pants, gloves and extra socks) in your golf bag.


Prepare Your Game

Ask your host if this is a competition or just a friendly round.

Ask your professional for help with parts of your game that needs work.

Visit the course’s website and view the scorecard and/or hole layouts.

Establish a handicap or at least be prepared to give a 9 or 18-hole average score.

Find out the format of the event- scramble, best ball, stoke or match play.



Pack your gear or put it by the door the night before.

Be at the course at least thirty minutes before your tee time.

Greet your host/hostess as soon as you arrive.

READ the rules sheet for the event.

Be ready to hit when it is your turn.

Be supportive of others’ shots; don’t be too hard on yourself!

No matter how you play, you will be remembered for how you behaved.

Write down your playing partners’ names and email addresses so you can follow up with them after the event.


If You are the Host

Reconfirm with everyone a day or two beforehand.

Arrange for payment if you are picking up the tab, or let your guests know the payment amounts and policies.

Inform your guest(s) of any club policies that they need to adhere to (dress codes, pace of play, caddies, or cell phone use).

Arrive early, always before your guests.


If You are the Guest

Arrive at least ½ hour prior to your tee time.

Make any payments upon arrival. Don’t put your host in an awkward position of having to ask.

Bring cash for tips . . . Hint: Bag drop $2-$5; Caddie/18 holes $20+; Beverage Cart, $1-$2.

A small token of your appreciation may be in order for your host, especially if she/he paid for the day or is a client.

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