Letter from our Editor

Playing it as it Lies
Playing it as it Lies
July 29, 2017
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August 10, 2017

Letter from our Editor

Welcome to your new community, the LPGA Women's Network
Letter from our Editor

Written By:

Ashleigh McLaughlin

Ashleigh is the Manager of Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy for the LPGA Women's Network. She's a former collegiate golfer with a degree in Marketing and Communications from Florida State University. When she's not crafting content, you can find her doing the Cupid Shuffle at an LPGA*USGA Girls Golf clinic.

It’s said that in life the longest journey is the journey inward. In my view, the golf course is where a truly magical journey can begin.

Hi there, I’m Ashleigh, and I’m honored to be the first to officially welcome you to the new LPGA Women’s Network.

Whether you’re brand new to golf or were bitten by the bug years ago, we hope this community will inspire you to enjoy the game even more.

This space was created with you in mind – the woman who, like many of us, is in a “love-hate-love” relationship with the game of golf.

For many of us, the golf course is a place to unplug, unwind, reconnect, and sometimes, let’s admit it, as just a pit stop on the way to post-round cocktails. 😉

It’s a space that provides a different kind of release to different people. The golf course can be used as a place to spark new relationships, fire up our competitive spirit, or to find moments of Zen.

Despite our different motivations for pursuing this sometimes-maddening game, what we all have in common is that we recognize that the golf course is one of life’s greatest classrooms.

Think back to the very first time you picked up a golf club. The bad shots were more prevalent than the good. Yet despite having to muddle through unlucky-bounces, missed putts, and yes, even complete whiffs, you persisted.

We know the frustrations in golf are inevitable, yet we continue to chase those moments of sheer brilliance. Along the way we learn how to recover from set-backs, celebrate the good shots, and enjoy the precious moments with our playing partners, and ourselves.

Golf has taught us that it’s the journey and the progress to “better” that makes the difference. And it’s what keeps us coming back for more.

Like the golf course we hope you will consider the LPGA Women’s Network to be a special place where you can come to unwind, meet your community, ignite your passion for the game of golf, and inspire you for the game of life.

In return, we promise to remind you celebrate how far you’ve come and to help you remember why you started your journey with golf in the first place.

No matter where you are with the game, there’s a space for you here.



Ashleigh McLaughlin
Manager, Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy
LPGA Women’s Network


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Candace Adair Adkison

So glad the LPGA Women’s Network has launched! Looking forward to being connected!

Cathy Schmidt

Great news ready to rock on!
Thanks Ashleigh and LPGA Women’s Network

Enid Gail Barron

Looking forward to the Network improving my game!

Susan Buchanan

Love this — thank you!


Golf is golf. It’s a game. This site is turning the game into a pink collar experience. time to lean in ladies and use golf as a way to set personal goals, experience personal achievement and experience continued never ending improvement. Women golfers are no different than male golfers and to expect to be coddled and treated differently is a set up for disappointment. How you play the game and view the game is indicative how you lead your life. Frankly, the worse golf experiences I have had is playing with other women. Why? i can write a blog on… Read more »

Liz Williamson

Beautifully said, Ashleigh! Glad to be here 🙂

Mary Jo D'Orazio

Great thanks!

Diane Okamoto

Love the site and glad to be here!!!!

Karen S.

This appeared on my club website and stopped me in my tracks! I had to read more about it immediately! Being relatively new to golf and starting after age 50, support for woman/girl golfers could not be more needed and very much appreciated! I knew getting into golf that women make up only about 20% of the players, but what I was NOT prepared for was the occasional person who made it obvious they didn’t appreciate my being out on the course. Luckily, I grew up with dorky older brothers and my resulting thick-skinned responses kept me laughing at the… Read more »