What brought you to the game of golf and what keeps you playing?

It started with my dad and I playing just to hang out together. We love the outdoors and spent time hiking, snowboarding, and surfing in New Hampshire.

I was in college when we first played. Neither of us had a lesson or knew any rules. We played golf how we thought it was supposed to be played. Beer in hand, sunshine, and a lot of mulligans. Ha!

How did you land your job at the Golf Channel, and what’s the best part of your job?

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Back at it…with my new fav pumps 👠

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Surprisingly, I was happily covering politics and local news in my home state, New Hampshire. I heard about the Golf Channel job and thought I had no shot but wanted to keep meeting people and stay fresh interviewing. I was flown to Orlando for an audition. It was only because I was so relaxed that I wasn’t awkward or fumbling while auditioning and interviewing; I was simply honest! I had never covered golf but I was willing to learn a new sport and be a part of the NBC family.

The best part of Golf Channel is that my colleagues have been supportive of helping me learn and that they see value in someone who is not a golf geek. I have fallen in love with the sport, and I like it more than hockey now (my first love). I also think it’s really special with how unique golf is, not just because we all play at some level, but I get to cover the most competitive female golfers too! Many have become friends of mine. It’s a sport and a community that’s always there for however involved or casual you want to be!

What is something most people would be surprised to learn about the life of a Golf Channel broadcaster?

Most people assume that I come in for a tournament, work during the broadcast window, and turn around. We have pre-game shows, post-game shows, and sports news shows. It’s not a Thursday through Sunday deal. For PGA Tour events, we travel Mondays, file reports Tuesday and Wednesday, and continue to do so before, during, and after coverage on tournament days. Mondays, while traveling, we are meeting about and getting ready for what’s next. We have a 2-week off-season. No time for rest, especially since at Golf Channel we cover LPGA, college golf, Korn Ferry Tour, and many other properties. Think about it. Golf Channel . . . it’s a full-time operation. #nooffdays

What’s your all-time favorite clubhouse at the moment?

My family and I played the Mt. Washington, Breton Woods course, right on resort property. My mom is learning to play still and quite frankly, my brother is “working on some things with his swing.” We don’t keep score when we play, and although we are slow and enjoying ourselves, we would never hold up the group behind us! I remember the perfect September afternoon, looking at Mt. Washington, as we caught up, ate, and had some cocktails. I have lived away from my family for the better part of the last 10 years, so being home and in the mountains with golf and good company is my paradise.

What’s been your favorite part/scenes to film so far for Clubhouse Connoisseur?

I have stayed in contact with everyone we’ve worked with. We aren’t just playing a course; we are meeting the people who make the place come to life and exploring every ounce of the property.

I will say, the most memorable scene was with the massage where they walk on your back! What an art! It’s like trying a completely foreign food. Once you get over the initial ‘weirdness’ of it, you can enjoy it.

If you could pick one quote to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

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🤯 I wasted a lot of time trying to do the opposite.

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I love this question! I am always sending my girlfriends quotes and verses. On the back of my phone cover, with a Van Gogh painting, it quotes “A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are for.”

I don’t see myself as a person who takes a lot of risks, in fact I am quite the rule follower. This reminder means a couple of things to me: Your calling requires action. Don’t talk about what you want to do, go do it. God designed everyone with gifts and using them may not always be easy but it’s fulfilling. Also, I think about how leadership can look two ways- a position posted up in a port or taking people together, trying new things, getting out of that “safe,” comfort zone.

Other than your surprise engagement, what’s that been your most memorable moment on the golf course so far?

Ha! Everywhere I go, people of all ages, backgrounds, whatever, have stopped me to say how many times they watched it. Grumpy older guys who usually just pass and wave have stopped me and said they showed their wife and both enjoyed watching together.

Hearing about small but happy moments like that can’t be topped.

What do you hope people will take away from watching Clubhouse Connoisseur?

I hope people have curiosity and check out new places themselves! Maybe inspire a golf trip!

What’s the greatest life lesson golf has taught you so far?

The lesson I always need to be reminded of: the more stressed you allow yourself to get, the harder you make it on yourself!

See: my scorecard after one bad hole.

Bonus: Why do you feel it’s important to showcase what unique golf clubhouses can offer people?

I was unaware of everything golf had to offer. I hope we reach people new to golf because everyone I’ve introduced it to has enjoyed it and passes their passion on to others!