A Sketched History of Women’s Golf Fashion

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February 26, 2018
Letter from the Editor: Looking Back to Look Forward
March 5, 2018

A Sketched History of Women’s Golf Fashion

An artist's look back at women's golf fashion proving it all comes back around
Decades in Women's Golf Fashion

Written By:

Hailey Hunter

Hailey Hunter is a sports broadcaster and producer with a passion for growing the game of golf for women. She was captain of her college golf team at Ohio University graduating from their top ranked Scripps School of Journalism.

The 50's

The Liberation of Length

The 1950's were the beginning of a period of liberation when it came to hem lengths for women, offering the freedom to wear skirts above the ankle. With increased mobility on the golf course these skirts were typically coupled with a simple blouse and layered with a cashmere sweater. In warmer weather, sleeveless blouses were acceptable.

The waistline was also a topic of discussion for women on the golf course; while "sack dresses" were viewed as the modest choice, many women opted for dresses with a waistline.


Making a Comeback

1950's footwear brought us the iconic saddleshoes which have made their way back to the fairway. Brands like G/FORE offer a number of nostalgic styles for golfers today.
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The 60's

Free Spirits and Waistlines

Bold colors and patterns began to make their way to women's golf wardrobe in the 1960's. As hem lengths inched their way up, women were introduced to the skort, which made it possible to wear knee length skirts.

The intersection of function and fashion, were evident in this decade and as waistlines disappeared making way for free-flowing tunics and culottes. The desire for comfort was a sign of the times, leading the way for flowy dresses and skirts on the golf course.

The 70's

The 70's Colorful Pants

While women began wearing pants suits, form-fitting pants and platform shoes as statements of power and equality to their male counterparts, the time's The 70s did away with the golf dress and subbed in more of a unisex style of attire. Slacks replaced the golf dress and waistline accentuating clothing made a comeback.

Polyester was the fabric of choice and bright colors officially in. It wasn't uncommon to see women in bright red or yellow pants held up, tight at their waistline, on the first tee.

The 80's

High Waisted Pants

Shoulder pads and big hair weren't the 80's only iconic fashion statements. The high-wasted pant was another fad whose popularity hit its peak in the decade.

Waistlines were accentuated with sleek belts and color-coordinated tops and bottoms, creating a chic look for women on the golf course.

Many credit a marketing campaign by Guess as the driving force that suddenly made everyone want a pair.

The 90's

The Khakis

Forget the flamboyant hues of previous decades. In the 90's, golfers decided they were enough to give them a headache on the course. The decade marked a time where woman traded loud colors for the more subdued. Classic pleated khakis were in style and typically paired with oversized polos.

Add a wide brim visor to top off the outfit and you were ready to hit the course.


The Gap was the place to shop in the 90's, offering a preppy look for golfers and non-golfers alike. Their popular advertisements helped make khakis all the rage and celebs and pop stars like the Spice Girls rocked this look often.

The 2000's

Less Sticking, More Wicking

Neutrals and khakis eventually lost their flame as golfers were ready to bring some color back into the game. Women began to push the boundaries of country club and resort golf standards choosing clothing that fit their desire to wear fabrics and cuts that could perform just as well as they did.

As sleeve lengths shrank, companies began to focus on using more breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester.

And then there were hats. Visors were all the women wore for years, but something about this decade's sporty trend had some women doing away with the visor and preferring a hat instead.


Remember These?

We can't reference 90's golf course style for women without mentioning Bermuda shorts.

Let's all admit we had a closet full of these in a variety of colors!

The 2010's

Golf Skort or Tennis Skort

Women's gravitation to athletic styles have continued to grow in the 2010's, along with their demand for clothing that can be easily transitioned from work, to play, to the 19th hole.

Trendy garments with stretch fabric that don't overlook the need for carefully placed pockets win with savvy golfers.

Enhancements in fabric technology allow for more fitted tops and visors are becoming popular again.


Ruffled Golf Skirt

Another trendy style made popular by the current decade include skirts like this Pleated Ruffled Golf Skirt by Golf4Her

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Golf Dresses

We can't forget to mention golf dresses like this number by Tail Active Wear.
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Ball Markers

Forget losing your ball marker when it falls out of your pocket! Today most all female golfers are using hat clip ball markers. Here are a few sparkly Blingo ballmarkers from Golf4Her.
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Styles and trends tend to fade away before they make a comeback and re-appear in our wardrobes.

What we look back and joke about now could be the hottest new trend in a decade or two, so maybe you should hang on to that old collection of Bermuda shorts. You never know when they'll come in handy once again.

Only time will tell.

What trend do you think is next to come? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Love this….we all know matching our partners and dressing up is half the fun! I wasn’t playing yet in the 80’s….glad I missed those fashion days.

In any area of life, women play a vital role in society so women are equal respect as men in the society. The story of Golf Fashion inspired me forever that women can also passion for growing the game of golf for women.


Can I possibly buy copies of these sketches