The LPGA Women’s Network has partnered with FORAY GOLF, a company redefining golf apparel for modern women and their unique expressions of style, to celebrate the women who are challenging the status quo in golf.

The Women Beyond Par series puts a spotlight on the pioneers who are growing the game for all girls and women and blazing trails to accomplish their dreams.


Default to yes

“When you’re given an opportunity, say yes to trying things you’re not excellent at; whether it’s golf or a new skill or developing relationships, and so on. It was the accidental intersection of opportunity, desire, and openness that created a chance for me to grow, travel the world, and learn new skills that I never would have expected.”


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

“Comfort is the enemy of growth. As soon as you start getting comfortable, complacency can kick on, and you’re not learning or growing.”


Under promise and over deliver

“My whole philosophy in the business world was to under promise and over deliver. I found I was comfortable doing the really important work that no one else wanted to do, and those two things became part of my personal brand. I wanted to build my brand and reputation as someone who could be counted on. It sounds simple, but it wasn’t. It also helped me understand others’ perspective.”


Don’t leave a task for later

“I try to touch things only once. For example, rather than read an email and come back to it later, I try to knock those things out as quickly as I can.”


Find a mentor

“A great mentor sees great things in you that you don’t necessarily see in yourself and are able to give you one of the most valuable things in your career, which is caring, credible, and compassionate feedback. I had lots of mentors and role models like that in my career. Role models can be all genders and ages, and the challenge we each have is identifying attributes in others that we to internalize and make part of ourselves.”


Keep up with current events

“I always dedicate the first hour of my day to reading, thinking, and planning. We live in such a dynamic world that if you don’t take the time for reading and staying aware of the world around us you can easily lose track of an important dynamic that may shape your business or your reactions to business.”


Make time to reflect, so you can grow

“Also, making time for yourself is very important, but the art of reflection and learning from your own experience–what worked well and what you would do differently next time–needs to happen on a real-time basis.”


It’s not always about perfection

“A friend taught me a while back that perfect is the enemy of good. There’s a price for perfection and sometimes good enough is good enough.”


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