I am a bit of a late bloomer at thirty-one years old in terms of discovering golf, but I am proud of my abilities so far and have some pretty lofty goals for myself.

I struggle on where to find apparel and gear for women that don’t want to wear skirts and the color pink. There is nothing wrong with it, but I’ve unfortunately been buying men’s apparel because all the retailers in my area are very limited on their selection, and I need to be comfortable in what I’m wearing to play.



Dear Jennifer,

Thanks so much for your question! You are certainly not alone in your plight to find golf clothing you love.

I’ve learned throughout the years that when I feel good about the clothes I’m wearing on the course, I play MUCH better golf.  That subconscious boost in confidence is what makes finding clothing that helps women feel fabulous when they play golf so paramount.

To my delight, the golf industry’s pivot from the previous “shrink it and pink it” approach to women’s golf apparel (i.e. taking men’s clothing and shrinking it down to fit a woman’s frame), has led to new styles which more closely resemble what women may wear on the tennis court.

Although the demand for shorter shorts, edgier fabrics, and skorts with ruffles may be more widespread than ever, there are still options for women who prefer more conservative and traditional styles on the golf course – you just have to know where to find them!

Here are a few helpful tips for finding golf clothes that will help you feel great, and play great too:


Do Some Research

Being armed with knowing exactly which brands fit your personal style and shape goes a long way in helping to minimize many of the frustrations women often experience when shopping for golf clothing. 

To find your go-to brands, start by heading to your local Pro Shop or sports retailer and spending some time trying on as many clothes that seem to fit your aesthetic as you can. Take note of the brands, sizes, cuts, and styles that fit you best, and give you joy when you wear them.

Bring a friend or two, indulge in a dressing room montage, and rejoice in finding your new go-to brands.

Shop Around

Now that you have a list of go-to brands that fit your personal style, you’ll know exactly which racks to head for the next time you shop. Keep an eye out for new arrivals, discounts, and closeouts offered for those particular brands in-store or online. And consider subscribing to those brands’ mailing lists so you’ll know the moment something new is added to their product line or goes on sale, giving you the ability to easily add pieces you know you’ll love to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Here’s a list of brands that offer a great selection of traditional golf apparel and are also known for their comfort, style and performance:

*Nancy Lopez Golf provides one of the widest selections in sizing for women with tops that range from XS to 3X and bottoms from sizes 2 to 22.


Shop the Essentials

Some brands, including those that gravitate towards the more “edgy” side of the spectrum, have “Essentials” collections which offer basics that come in sizes for both men and women. You’ll find more classic polos and bottoms with solids or clean stripes – traditional looks without all of the pomp and circumstance.


Still striking out?

If you still have trouble finding clothes that you love from golf retailers, consider shopping non-golf brands which specialize in clothing for outdoor sporting like Columbia, Northface, REI, Patagonia, etc.  They’ll offer you a similarly traditional look with the performance and sun-protection you would expect from golf apparel.

I hope these tips help you find clothing you love, Jennifer! Keep us posted on your golf game (and fashion finds as well) 🙂

Happy golfing!



Have advice of your own or a brand you’d recommend for Jennifer? Share your thoughts in our comments section below!