Not so spoiler alert.

Life as we know it is kind of crazy. Work, appointments, sporting events, practices, shopping, carpools . . . it’s no wonder we feel like we’re pulled in a million directions.




For the average family, our lives operate in overdrive with so many things required of us. For adults and kids alike, it’s rare to have “normal” days where work, school, and family dinner are the only things on the schedule. Sadly, we’ve gotten to the point where being busy is pretty much our new normal.

As much as we’d like to fight this fact, why not accept the madness and make a pact to choose to make the most of family time, regardless how limited it is? Lofty goal? Absolutely. Yet it is possible, especially for a family who prioritizes raising a family of golfers.

So just what does this conscious decision for togetherness look like?

Hit the range together as a family after work and school.

Too crazed to make dinner, clean up, and go to the range?

Then grab a snack, hit the range, and take a pizza home to enjoy after. Not every meal needs to be perfect and well-planned. The world isn’t going to end if breadsticks replace broccoli. Besides, a night of driving through a bucket of balls with your whole family is way more fun than a night of lame reruns.

Sign your kids up for lessons on a day you can hit balls or putt while they’re in lessons.


You both brush up on your game without hunting down the extra time. You’ve already resigned yourself to the fact that being a parent means driving your kids all over every inch of God’s green earth, right? You may as well take advantage of the little moments you can

Add another round to your plate, and take your kids golfing late Sunday afternoons.

mother daughter and father playing golf together

Yes, we all value those Saturday mornings spent with our golfing buddies. Add your kids to your weekend golf priority list. Take them often and take the time to really teaching them the game. I promise you, this time carved out of your schedule will be well-spent because, really, where else but the golf course do you have a chance to get your kids’ undivided attention for a few hours at a time? No phones, no extra friends, no interruptions . . . just you and your kids. Couldn’t be more perfect.

The truth is, we all have time to golf with your families. But because of all the extra activities, we seem to find time for in our schedules–the countless hours spent checking our email and updating our Facebook statuses–that time can be hard to recognize.

So make the time for golf. Your kids are always going to have tons of school and extracurricular activities, and you are always going to have appointments and projects, but golf is one part of your day you can actively do with your family. Be part of the madness!

Make golf a family priority and enjoy some quality time now. This way, when your kids get to the point where they’re the ones with “no time”, and you have all the time in the world, they’ll be the ones forgetting their busy schedules and calling you for a round.