This tip is for you if…..

  1. You are looking for more distance
  2.  Drive the ball too high
  3. And this kills your yardage on windy days.
  4. A few simple stance changes allow you to keep the ball low and add roll on windy days.

The Situation

  1. You’re on the tee of a long par 4 playing dead into a steady wind. You think, “No problem!” After all, your new driver came with the promise of big yards.
  2. Unfortunately, your driver is designed to promote high-launch, low-spin shots, which is great for normal conditions, but not for the one you’re facing. You need a low, boring drive that flies under the wind instead of ballooning up into it.

The Smart Play

Follow my simple three-step method to drive the ball strong into the wind.

Step 1: Tee the ball lower so the entire ball is on the clubface. This helps you make contact on the lower portion of the sweet spot for a piercing trajectory.

Step 2: Adjust your ball position at address so that it‘s just forward of center.  Doing this encourages a more level swing arc through impact.

Step 3: Keep your backswing short of parallel by limiting the amount you hinge your wrists. This takes some of the loft off the club and further enhances your chances of keeping the shot low.