Take a look at some of the most persistent golf myths and pass these on to your girlfriends. They’ll be glad you did. 


Myths about Golf


1. Myth: Golf Is Hard 

Seriously? Did you just say that? EVERYTHING worthwhile is challenging; otherwise, you would be bored. Golf for all of us is a journey, not a destination! 


2. Myth: Golf Is Expensive 

OK. There is an initial expense of equipment, but thankfully there are so many options for purchasing golf clubs and many women do not even need to purchase a full set. Talk to an LPGA Professional to help you make some educated decisions in this area. Lessons? For sure, worth it! Group golf instruction sessions tend to be less expensive and fun too! Playing the game? So many golf courses offer special rates. Just keep your eyes open. 


3. Myth: Golf Takes Too Long To Play And Practice 

Fortunately, many golf courses are recognizing that not everyone can commit to a 4-hour round of golf. 9-hole playing options are popping up everywhere so you can get friends and family out of the house for some fresh air, fellowship, and fun and still have a weekend left! 


4. Myth: Golf Is Not A “Real Sport” 

Oh no, you didn’t just say that! Calories get burned, de-stressing occurs when you are out in Mother Nature, breathing fresh air in beautiful surroundings. Furthermore, the game has enough physicality to stay in good shape and is one sport you can continue playing when you can’t play the others. Like when you have two new knees like me! By the way, on the LPGA Tour, those women professionals are incredible athletes! Wow! 


5. Myth: I Can’t Go Out Onto the Golf Course Until I’m Good 

Sure. The men and women on TV are VERY GOOD, and they should be as they are professional athletes! But this notion that everyone on the golf course is good at golf is just plain wrong! Of course, there are a number of experienced golfers that play well, but the majority of recreational golfers are doing just that…playing recreationally. As a teaching pro myself, let me give you some permissions: 


  • You can pick up your ball anytime if that hole is not going well for you. 
  • You do not have to keep score. 
  • You can skip a hole or two (just keep pace with the group in front of you and the group behind you). 
  • You can play a best ball or scramble with your friends, you can use a tee in the fairway if you like (just pick up those pieces!). 


Just Get out there! 


6. Myth: Everyone Is Watching Me 

Really? NOT! Maybe if they have no other place to look because they are taking a break or having to wait a spell to keep pace on the golf course. Golfers are an interesting group. We really are not “looking at you” with any kind of judgment. We might be watching to see what you are doing, especially when it works well so that we can steal your game plan to help our own game and maybe ask for some tips!


7. Myth: I Hate Collared Shirts And Khaki Bottoms 

I have always hated the feeling of being in some kind of uniform.  Relax, this has changed for the better! Women’s apparel in golf has come a long way. Performance fabrics and great colors/styles for all ages and sizes are out there, and they are wonderful! Ask your LPGA Professional about this too. We want to be well-dressed and comfortable for sure. 


8. Myth: I Should Use My Husband’s Old Clubs Until I Get Better 

Are you going to wear his shoes too? And maybe they are his old clubs because he doesn’t even like them! I can understand the budget concerns and also that many of us are test-driving the game of golf before making the investment. Just know that it would likely be better for you to have just a couple of clubs that fit you versus a whole set that may be the very reason why the learning the game is more challenging than it needs to be. And…tennis shoes are fine for lessons and playing until you decide to purchase golf shoes in the future. 


So now I hope I have your attention. You are thinking, maybe I will give golf a try! Please know that your LPGA Professional will help you with so many of the other things to know such as where to go when you arrive at the facility, what the heck do you do when you get there, how do you drive the cart, etiquette, some basic rules, and course strategy and everything you need to know to feel welcome and comfortable. 


The Golf Swing 


9. Myth: Keep Your Head Down 

Please don’t. This can lead to accidental injury. Instead, maintain your posture more effectively by “watching the collision” of the ball and club on the way to a nicely balanced finish. “Keep your head down” is well-intentioned advice, just don’t take it literally. 


10. Myth: Keep Your Left Arm Straight (For RightHanded Golfers) 

I really don’t want you to hurt yourself, and I am afraid there have been some injuries