Our LPGA Lunch Lessons eSeries features professional tips and insights to improve your game while at home. In this session, we were joined by Kay Cockerill, Golf Channel Commentator/Analyst, and Karen Palacios-Jansen, LPGA Teaching Master Professionals and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Move, stretch and swing yourself to a better golf game. Try this CardioGolf At-Home Workout to stay healthy, fit and swinging well. CardioGolf Shortee Club and Slope available at CardioGolf.com.

CardioGolf Circuit

  1. Static Calf Stretch Standing on Slope-Hold 30 seconds
  2. Static Hamstring Stretch Standing on Slope-Hold 30 seconds
  3. Cat/Cow Stretch Hands on Slope-Hold 30 seconds
  4. Hip Bridge with Heels on Slope-8 repetitions
  5. Half Roll Down with Back Support on Slope-8 repetitions
  6. Heel Touch-Touch Heels to Slope-8 repetitions
  7. Chest and Back Opener Sitting on Slope-8 repetitions
  8. Lat Stretch on Slope-Hold 30 seconds
  9. Trunk Rotators Sitting on Slope-8 repetitions
  10. Alternate Lunge on Slope-8 repetitions
  11. Single Leg Balance on Slope-8 repetitions
  12. Single Leg Multi-Plane Reach on Slope-8 repetitions
  13. Single Leg Hip Opener on Slope-8 repetitions
  14. Single Leg Squat with Supporting Foot on Slope-8 repetitions
  15. Single Leg Touch Toe-8 repetitions
  16. Back Arm Only Drill on UpSlope and Down Slope-8 repetitions
  17. Front Arm Only Drill on UpSlope and Down Slope-8 repetitions
  18. Full Swings Using Slope as Target Line-8 repetitions

Par Level: Do Circuit One Time

Birdie Level: Repeat Circuit Two Times

Eagle Level: Repeat Circuit Three Times

Do Workout Two to Three Times per Week

Download CardioGolf Workout Guide
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