The LPGA Women’s Network has partnered with FORAY GOLF, a company redefining golf apparel for modern women and their unique expressions of style, to celebrate the women who are challenging the status quo in golf.

The Women Beyond Par series puts a spotlight on the pioneers who are growing the game for all girls and women and blazing trails to accomplish their dreams.

Tune out the naysayers

“When I was at Golf Digest I helped lead this rebrand of the magazine, which was a success on so many levels, but it did ruffle some feathers. Sometimes it’s the people saying negative things that you hear most loudly. Those people started to impact me in a negative way, which is when I started to question my worth and the brand—then I pulled myself together and realized I had to ignore it. It took a while, but once I did that it helped me feel more empowered and positive to produce change and be impactful. Now I know that as long as my intentions are genuine and positive and ultimately want to help this sport I love, then I can sleep well at night.”

It’s never too late to give it a shot

“Just because you think an opportunity has passed, doesn’t mean it has. You can still jump on it and put your best foot forward. And if it did pass, you are still in that person’s ear and something might arise later on. Look up professionals you admire and reach out to them—they are so accessible now with social media. Ask for a phone call or meet for coffee. You’ll be surprised how often they’ll say yes.”

You have to grind

“There’s no substitute for hard work and a can-do attitude. Being positive and saying yes a lot early on.”

Podcasts Ashley listens to on her work walk…

  • Erik Lang Show – “It’s my favorite in the golf space.”
  • Digiday – “I feel like I learn a lot about media from it.”
  • School of Greatness – “Lewis Howe’s has such interesting guests on.”
  • Second Life – “I love it because it’s all about women who’ve successfully shifted their careers.”