It is hard enough hitting the golf ball off level ground, but what happens when your ball lands on a hill?  Does the stance change?  Does the ball react differently?

The answer to both of these questions is “Yes”.  Two common uneven lies are when the ball is above both feet (for a right-handed player) and when the ball is below both feet (for a right-handed player).

First, what you should you do if the ball is above your feet?

The first thing to consider is where your weight is falling.  In this case, if the ball is above your feet, your weight would tend to fall backwards.  Wherever your weight falls, this is where the ball will tend to go when you hit.  Therefore, in this situation, the ball will tend to fly to the left once hit.  So you will need to aim slightly to the right to adjust for this tendency.

Now for the stance, using a short iron, keep the ball in the middle of your stance and stand a little taller, not much knee bend.  In terms of the swing, try to limit any extra head movement and stay level as you swing.  Your swing will be more rounded like a baseball bat swing.

Second, if the ball is below your feet, again consider where your weight is falling as you take your stance.

For a right-handed player, the weight would tend to fall forward towards the toes; therefore, the ball once hit will tend to leak to the right.  So you will need to aim slightly to the left to adjust for this tendency.  In terms of the stance, using a short iron, bend your knees more than normal and keep the ball in the middle of your stance.

As you begin to swing, you will naturally want to stand up or rise up because of the extra knee bend.  Be conscious to stay very level and realize your swing will be much more upright in this situation.  Again, focusing on limiting body motion will help your chances of having a successful shot.

Try these simple set-up tips and swing adjustments and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.  Remember, it may not be the prettiest shot, but it does not matter as the goal is simply to get the ball back in play.