What if you are in a bunker 50 yards away from the green? What club do you use? How do you hit this shot?

One of the most challenging shots in golf is the 50-yard bunker shot. There are three things which help to make this shot a success every time:

  1. Club Selection
  2. Ball Position
  3. Length of Swing

To properly execute this shot, I recommend you choose your 100-yard club. Open the clubface to prevent the leading edge of the club from digging into the sand. Then, grip down on the club for control.

Play the ball position just inside the front foot similar to your driver ball position. This allows you to hit the sand first. Angle your front foot to an 11 o’clock position to help allow for a steep backswing.

Hit this shot with a full swing. Because of the ball position, you will hit the sand first. You must accelerate through the ball to a good finish.