Everything you do before you swing determines how well you strike the ball. With a poor setup, even the best golfers in the world will not hit the ball straight. Take the time to correctly set up each time for a consistent swing.

  • A quality set up is completely relaxed and tension free.
  • The stance is about shoulder width, providing a stable base from which to swing.
  • Bending from the hip sockets as opposed to the waist will allow you to make a powerful body coil.
  • Flex the knees only slightly.
  • Let your arms hang naturally, not too close or too far from the body.
  • Your back hand (the right hand for right-handed golfers, the left hand for left-handers) is lower on the club than the front hand. Hence, your back arm, shoulder, and hip will be slightly lower than the front side.
  • Bend from the hip sockets, not your waist.

On-Course Exercise
Practice your posture with each club. Although clubs are different lengths, the basic golf posture remains the same. One key point to remember is to try to keep your spine in a neutral position, not too straight or not slumped over.  The purpose of the golf posture is to create a position from which you can make an athletic swing.

Off-Course Exercise

Check your set-up and posture in front of a mirror and compare it to a photo of a professional golfer from a golf magazine, make sure your model is similar to your build and stature.