The LPGA Foundation aims to empower young women and girls through the game of golf. Part of that mission includes increasing opportunities by partnering for greater success.

The LPGA Foundation is excited to partner for a second year with the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship, providing junior golfers ages 9-18 with the chance to compete in an inclusive environment in hopes of becoming the world’s next top golf stars. The 54-hole championship features 140 participants, comprised of 50 boys and 50 girls, aged 14-18, and 20 boys and 20 girls, aged 13 and under.

As a part of this partnership, LPGA*USGA Girls Golf (Girls Golf) participants were nominated by their Site Directors for a chance to receive one of three complimentary entry fees into a Regional Qualifier for the 2021 Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship. Additionally, all Girls Golf members were awarded an exclusive discount to compete in their 18-hole local qualifying stage for $50 off.

This year’s winners are: Annie Dawson (16) from LPGA*USGA Girls Golf – Phoenix, AZ; Brigitte Fenton (17) from LPGA*USGA Girls Golf – First Tee – Greater Seattle; and Erin Strouse (16) from LPGA*USGA Girls Golf – First Tee – Canton, OH

Annie Dawson (16), LPGA*USGA Girls Golf – Phoenix, AZ

A long-time member of LPGA*USGA Girls Golf – Phoenix, Annie Dawson’s current USGA Handicap is 1.2. She plays in elite Arizona state events and competes at a high level.

“Annie is a kind, engaged, and dynamic player,” said Cori Matheson, Site Director at LPGA*USGA Girls Golf – Phoenix. “She is a joy to play with and deserves a chance to shine on a national level. Her family is dedicated to participation and volunteers their time for the betterment of our local programs. She is a hard worker, determined, and a joy to play with.”

“Annie has always given back to our local Girls Golf program as well as her community,” added Matheson. “She is an asset and leader to our state. Annie is an outstanding student and overall success with academics, athleticism, as well as character.”