If you’ve played golf and enjoy the game, you are a golfer!

That’s right, you are a golfer whether you’ve swung a club just handful of times, or play all year round – and you’re in great company.

We’re taking a look at a few of our favorite female celebrity golfers. Each at different stages and with unique stories about their introduction to the game, they all have the one thing in common: they’ve been bitten by the golf bug.


1. Kira Kazantsev – Miss America 2015

Miss America titleholder Kira Kazanstev has a golf story that many who leave the game at a young age can relate to.

“I grew up playing with my dad but in high school decided that golf wasn’t cool,” she said. “Looking back, [quitting golf] was one of the silliest decisions I ever made. Getting back to the game has been an enormous addition to my life, and I’m so thankful to my dad for instilling the fundamental golf skills in me that allowed me to pick up right where I left off.”
Kira is an avid golfer to this day, actually a very good player at that.

“Golf has been an incredible opportunity for me both in my personal and professional life,” she said. “My game is better than ever, and I am loving every second of it. It has allowed me to travel and meet people that I could never have experienced without golf and I am so thankful to the game”.

2. Eva Longoria


Desperate Housewives