Finishing at the Target isn’t Enough—Here’s Why

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February 27, 2018

Finishing at the Target isn’t Enough—Here’s Why

This article explains the inaccuracy in finishing with your belt buckle at the target and the science behind it.
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We have all heard it.  When getting information about aim and alignment, we often hear to “finish facing your target”.  Don’t do it…you will likely hit a shot that will not end up on line!

Yes, finishing with your belt buckle facing the target line is stopping short of the full completion of the swing circle.  When you finish a good golf swing, your belt buckle will actually be facing LEFT of your target if you have completed the swing circle.  The ball will track towards the target on the line you established in your set-up position, but your body will not finish facing the target.  If it does, it could result in a shot that leaks to the right of the intended target.

Understand that the target line is the “ball target” and the parallel line you have lined up your body on is the “body target”.  The two lines are parallel at address and remain so during the swing motion, but it is just the golf ball that (hopefully) ends up on the “ball target” line you established.

Ideally, you will end up in a balanced finish position, facing the “body target” line you set at address, clearly left of the ball target line.  The swing circle motion has been completed, allowing both the operator and the equipment to hit a shot “on line” to the target!

Understanding this very thing has been instrumental for improved aim/alignment/result with my students.  See if this perception change alters the directional reality of your golf shots!


Tips Shared by Deb Vangellow:
LPGA Master Professional/PGA Honorary Director Deb Vangellow holds both a BA and a Master Of Science Degree in Health/Physical Education/Coaching and Educational Leadership/Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa and Miami (Ohio) respectively. She currently is the Director Of Instruction at Riverbend Country Club in Houston, Texas.  Deb is the 2012 LPGA National Teacher Of The Year, an LPGA, Golf Digest Woman, and Golf For Women “Top 50” Teacher, a Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine “Top Regional/Best in State” Teacher”, a US KIDS GOLF “Top 50 Master Kids Teacher” and a GRAA “Elite Top Growth Of The Game Professional”. She serves as the National President of the LPGA Teaching And Club Professionals and is a longtime lead instructor in the LPGA Global Education Program in the U.S. and Asia.  An educator/coach who offers wellness based developmental programming integrated into her “student centered” philosophy; Deb can be reached at online at

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I like that thought: Swing circle. It’s a good visual