Charity and Chasity Cloud come from a family dedicated to giving. Their parents, Dr. Antré and Ivory Cloud, are the founders of Dreams of Lois, a community outreach organization that focuses on mentorship and support in the Atlanta area by donating supplies, food, clothing, and toiletries monthly to institutions and individuals in need.  

The charity was inspired by the memory of their grandmother, Lois Heckstall, who passed away at 34 from breast cancer.  

My mother was an amazing wife, mother, teacher, and an outstanding member of her community,” said Ivory Cloud. “She believed in helping and loving everyone no matter what. Through her love, I had the vision to pay it forward with mentorship and community outreach so that her legacy can forever live on through acts of kindness.” 


Since starting the organization over ten years ago, Charity and Chasity have joined their parents in helping out where they can from day one.  

“They have always been involved in every donation and collection. They have been serving in the community since they were 4 and 5 years old. The girls are now the force behind collecting over 500 pairs of brand new pajamas each year and donating them to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Hospital. The girls are now in charge of planning and executing every monthly service project Dreams of Lois has.” 

These service projects also did not slow down because of the pandemic. They became even more involved in their community, concerned about the families with children struggling with homelessness during this time. Their drive to give back inspired them to donate a large gift of food and supplies over the summer to make sure children did not go hungry. And over the holiday season, they supported several families in a mobile home community by organizing a donation of new toys, clothes, games, and food for families to enjoy the holidays together.  

But their community engagement is not the only legacy they are continuing.  

“Several years ago, Chasity came to us with a strong desire to play golf,” their mother explained. “My grandfather—Thomas Tyson (my mother’s father)—played semi-professional golf in New York for most of his life. Chasity has participated in several other extra-curricular activities; however, she insisted on trying golf.” 

The girls started learning the game with LPGA Professionals instructor Dr. Greta Anderson’s LPGA*USGA Girls Golf program, and golf has been a great activity for the whole family and allows them to grow personally as well.  

“Girls Golf and golf in general has helped to broaden both girls’ spectrum of possibility,” said Dr. Greta Anderson. “That is, the girls have discovered how much of a valuable tool golf can be for them! Chasity continues to blossom and is now super-excited to begin her competitive golf career. Charity is an accomplished basketball player already, but she is always giving greater consideration to deepening her golf involvement.” 

And both girls are very involved in their golf community, despite the unconventional 2020 golf season.  


“When Charity and Chasity Cloud participate in any activity, they give it their total and best effort,” continued Dr. Anderson. “During this unprecedented 2020 golf season, Charity and Chasity have worked and volunteered as junior assistants during clinics and classes that provide low/no-cost beginner golf instruction to adults. Both girls are happy to step in and help through explanation and demonstration, even in unfamiliar situations. I can think of many instances when the girls have offered help over and over again to both younger and older golfers. To them, they are there to help—no matter what age.” 

If you would like to learn more or get involved with Dreams of Lois, visit their website and follow them on social media @dreamsoflois to show your support.