Imagine the thrills and challenges of miniature golf brought to life, and then made life-sized!

Putting around giant inflatable obstacles, dodging life-sized windmills, and taking on over-the-top physical challenges, you’ll find all of this and more as part of ABC’s newest extreme mini golf reality competition Holey Moley, premiering Thursday, June 20th at 8pm EST.

From executive producer, basketball superstar, and golf fanatic Steph Curry, this show takes the wackiness of mini golf to the next level by mixing in elements from ABC’s hit show Wipeout and putting golfers of all skill levels to the ultimate test to compete for glory, ultimate bragging rights, and $25,000.

Hailey Hunter, Content Producer for LPGA Women’s Network, and contestant on Holey Moley’s premiere episode is excited to bring you the inside scoop on this intense competition.

“The best way I can describe it is golf-Wipeout,” Hailey said. “It’s a lot of fitness-ninja challenges with golf.”

To prepare for Holey Moley, Hailey, who was former captain of Ohio University’s Division I golf team, practiced wherever she could, even while on the road gathering content for the LPGA Women’s Network.

“I was at the Augusta Women’s Am,” she said of the days leading up to filming. “And I literally was in the hotel putting into a plastic cup.”

No amount of putting practice could have prepared Hailey for the over-the-top challenges on the Holey Moleycourse. From blowup obstacles covered in slime to moving life-sized windmills, this is not your average round of mini golf.

“You’re doing things that you normally wouldn’t do on the golf course,” she said. “One of the challenges, we’re swinging the putter like a golf club, and you have to hit it like a golf club, but you’re using a putter. So, it’s like golf, but it’s not golf. And then there are other ones where you’re trying to dodge these windmills that are obstacles while you’re putting at the same time.”

Despite the competition, Hailey became close with the other contestants. She’s looking forward to watching all her friends compete when the show airs.

The show does not only feature experienced golfers. People of all skill levels participate, and Hailey says that the obstacles really evened the playing field.

“I saw a lot of professional golfers get beat out by these people who don’t even really play golf,” Hailey said. “I think that just shows that, with the game of golf, anyone can play it.”