How many times have you hit a golf shot off-target and your playing partner says, “You hit it right where you were aiming”? Many errant golf shots are a result of poor alignment. You think you are lined up at your target, but, actually, you have aligned either right or left of the target.

When you choose a target, the eyes tell the brain where you want to hit the shot. Then the brain and body try to swing where the eyes are looking. If improperly aligned, the body will make swing adjustments in an attempt to hit the intended target that the eyes have chosen. The compensating swing adjustment then plays havoc with your attempts to produce a consistent swing.

The mistake that golfers make with alignment is that they try to aim their body at the target. But it’s the clubface that needs to be aimed at the target, and then the body (feet, knees, hips, and shoulders) should be positioned parallel to the target. The clubface should be aimed first and then the body aligned. Most golfers do this the opposite way and find themselves aimed to the right of the target.

Follow these two easy tips to aim correctly:

  • First, pick an intermediate target a few inches in front of the ball on the intended line of flight. It is easier to line up to something closer to you than to the flag 150 yards away!
  • Next, walk into the target line at a right angle, aim the clubface at the intermediate target, then align your body parallel to the target line.

With these things in mind, you’ll be well on your way to hitting more fairways and greens in no time!