Give Yourself Permission to Move During Your Swing

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Give Yourself Permission to Move During Your Swing

If you aren't physically able to swing like the pros, allow yourself to move side to side
Permission to Move Golf Swing

We all want a more powerful golf swing. Though some believe a more powerful swing lies in physical strength, in reality, power is created by how you shift your weight during your swing. 

Simply put, if you want a more powerful swing, you have to give yourself permission to move. 

Modern golf swings tend to use buzz words like torque, twist, turn, etc. as the real secrets to a powerful swing, but this seemingly good advice can lead to injury. The human body is not built to repeatedly twist at the waist over and over.  

Instead, you can create the same strength by moving side to side rather than around a central point (in this case your core), which puts less stress on your back and joints and can give you more power and accuracy in your swing. 

The key is to give yourself room and enough time to execute the swing. If you pay very close attention to the pros when they swing, you’ll notice a pivot sequence happening. They start with their weight equally distributed on both feet, but as they begin their backswing they transfer over to their right leg (for right-handed players) and then shift their over to their left leg during their follow through.

There are several ways to perfect this motion. I like to suggest that my students imagine their center of gravity (that spot in between your hips and belly button) as a pendulum swinging back and forth. Try to shift your weight without swinging your hips Keep your head as still as you can. Just feel your weight move from one foot to the other. Once you feel familiar with this motion, slowly incorporate a golf club, starting slowly and gradually building speed. 

Giving yourself permission to move will revolutionize your golf swing, increasing your power and accuracy while reducing your chance for injury. Apply this method to your swing and you will be hitting like the pros in no time. 


[Article has been updated for clarity: 11/7/2018]

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You are kidding. Weight left on back swing and right on follow thru? Good luck playing even a little bit of golf with reverse pivot.

they lean over to their left leg (for right-handed players) and then shift their over to their right leg during their follow through.

I always thought and see the pros finishing on their forward leg or left side for right handed players. Wouldn’t finishing on the right side rob you of power? Reverse pivot?


I agree with Ralph and Patti ending with weight on your right foot seems opposite to what I have been told…except for Carlota Ciganda whose back won’t last long with her swing!