We all know that the game of golf can offer so much more than just being fun! Most of us love the game and understand how important it is to our mental and physical health, but do we really understand how important it can be to our essential character development? It is essential to spotlight how golf has impacted the lives of our Girls Golf of Phoenix members off the golf course. We all have witnessed how our strong Arizona programs have helped young girls dream big!

Girls Golf of Phoenix members are ages 3-18 with all skill levels and exposure. When we ask the girls what their “favorite thing about golf” is, most of them say it is being with their friends and/or playing golf with their friends and family. Even though golf is mostly an individual sport, it offers a unique opportunity for relationship building where we can truly observe the character of our golf partners. The PGA published the top reasons that kids should play golf and the number one reason is that “golf includes making life-long friends…” Other reasons include fun, health benefits, inclusion, etiquette, self-improvement, and more.

Spending time with friends, while learning to play a competitive sport, and offering many other inherent character development opportunities – sounds like a win-win-win. We all know that there are so many other benefits to golf that we don’t always see or talk about. At Girls Golf, we strive to empower the girls, build their confidence, instill leadership qualities, and inspire heathy living. We use the Five E’s of Girls Golf to Empower, Enrich, Engage, Exercise, and Energize girls through the game of golf.

We have witnessed how this Girls Golf curriculum has impacted the girls off the golf course, as well. 11-year-old, Bradley Alberdi, a 5th grader in PV School District, won the 2022 Arizona Science and Engineering Fair that included all the elementary schools in Arizona. Bradley, who has been a Girls Golf member since she was 3, told us that she knows her experience with Girls Golf helped her succeed. Bradley exudes the confidence that she has enhanced through Girls Golf by checking in for herself, being a brand ambassador, helping her friends on-course, and being in the spotlight on the tee. Bradley said, “It is an interesting feeling where you know everyone is looking at you and everyone is watching you. I think that kind of nervousness is special to golf, and I don’t think many kids get to experience that feeling.” At Girls Golf, we make sure the girls feel empowered with opportunities to shine and step up to put their best foot forward.

A father of Girls Golf of Phoenix member, Catherine Seder, shared his excitement due to the success of his 10-year-old daughter. Catherine auditioned for the Mesa Young People Orchestra as a 4th grader (an accolade that is offered for elementary students in 4th, 5th, & 6th grade). Catherine was the only 4th grader from her school that felt empowered enough to audition. Catherine said she was scared and could feel her heart pounding when she was on stage. She stood on that stage enriched with the spotlight and introduced herself, performed, and energized the judges. Even though Catherine was one of the youngest to audition, she was awarded 2nd place for violin. When Catherine steps on the golf course with Girls Golf she is safe, empowered, and has the energy to succeed while playing golf – but it was so amazing to witness how that translated to the stage. Catherine continues to dream big and succeed on and off the golf course.

When asked what Bradley and Catherine love about being in Girls Golf, both gave that familiar answer of “having fun and playing with their friends.” They cannot see it now, but we know, their parents know, and our golf world needs to know that the game of golf and the opportunity for this essential character development has been a critical piece of their current successes. These are two of many stories that highlight how golf has had a positive impact on the development of our juniors. Girls Golf of Phoenix is proud to be a small piece of those stories.

The participation of youth in golf has increased steadily over the last number of years and it is exciting to think about the impact golf can have on the future with its astounding, inherent character development. We all love the game of golf. We all are grateful to have time with our friends and family while enjoying this incredible game. We all are empowered to dream big because of golf.




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