Golf is for Everyone

Letter from the Editor: The Golf Course Can be a Lonely Place
April 10, 2018
Image provided by Kari Haug
Leveling the Playing Field
April 18, 2018

Golf is for Everyone

From the Lacrosse Field to the Golf Course

Written By:

Hailey Hunter

Hailey Hunter is a sports broadcaster and producer with a passion for growing the game of golf for women. She was captain of her college golf team at Ohio University graduating from their top ranked Scripps School of Journalism.

Karin Hart played sports her whole life, but golf was never one of those sports until as of just a couple years ago. She played lacrosse for the University of Denver and it wasn’t until July of 2015 when Karin found herself fascinated by the game of golf. Out of all the sports she has played, Karin finds golf the most relatable to this game we call life.




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