We stumbled across Golfdotz a few years ago and fell head over heels for this unique product.

Golfdotz aren’t stickers but high-resolution ink transfers that you can use to add a beautiful and unique designs to your golf ball.

Forget confusing your golf ball with your playing partner’s during a round of golf; with their endless design options, you can find an array of eye-catching decals that are as unique as you.

Used by professional golfers on the LPGA and PGA Tour, they conform with all USGA and R&A Rules and are both durable and affordable.

If you’d prefer something with a bit more utility, Golfdotz also offers putting alignment decals to help make lining up your ball a breeze.

Trade in those messy pens, sharpies, and stencils. Head over to www.golfdotz.com to check them out.