For her birthday last November, twenty-two-year old Haley Moore bought herself a Peloton bike. Prior to that, she was feeling exhausted. She was a rookie and had just come home from four or five straight weeks on the road. She was lacking energy at the end of rounds and was struggling with the physical and mental fatigue. It was a steep learning curve for her to adjust to the grueling schedule of an LPGA Tour player.

“I bought the Peloton bike and really started crushing it. And, since I was home, it was also easier to watch what I was eating,” Moore said.

As she spent more time exercising on the Peloton, she started to notice some positive physical changes. She was getting stronger, had more endurance, and had improved flexibility.

She said, “I could feel it in my swing. I was getting more rotation. I wasn’t super exhausted after I played. I still had some good energy in me, which was key because I would still have more round of golf to play. I would still rehab my body and relax after a round, but I didn’t have to do that as much as I had to in the past to get my body ready for the next day.”

In addition to the cycling classes on the Peloton, Moore also did some stretching and yoga classes. This increased her range of motion and made stretching before her rounds less work. She also meditates “to clear my mind of everything that was going on in the world and reset my mind.”

She doesn’t have as much time when she is on the road to join the Peloton classes. However, she does try to fit some in on her off days. She’ll even hop on a bike at a hotel that has a fitness center, then log into a class on her phone and ride.

During the off season she also started changing her diet. She ate a lot of protein, but also didn’t skimp on the carbohydrates. She still needs the carbs for energy to both cycle on the Peloton and play rounds of golf. Her energy and focus also remain stable because she isn’t overindulging in sweets. She continues to work at minimizing sweet cravings. She has replaced her usual cream and sugar she adds to her coffee with a sugar-free creamer and a little bit of Splenda.

When the cravings come, she tries to find a better option. Instead of a big bowl of ice cream at night, she has a bowl of fruit or some grits. However, she hasn’t given ice cream up entirely.

She said, “a couple of times after a tournament round if I played really well, I would celebrate myself and have ice cream. I don’t go overboard. I’ll get one scoop and that’s it.”

These days, Moore is back home for the next couple of months getting ready for the final stage of Q school. She’ll be practicing on the course, eating healthy, and exercising. If you are a Peloton rider, you might be able to find her back on her Peloton, riding with her favorite instructor and Dancing the Stars contestant, Cody Rigsby.

As Moore has shown, it is possible to be committed to a healthy diet and exercise regime both in season and out.