Let me ask you a question: Do you think the shaft and your arms should be in a straight line when you address the golf ball?  I am guessing you are going to say yes to that question because the majority of the golfers I see set up with their arms and shaft in a straight line.

To be in your most powerful setup position, there needs to be a small angle between your hands and the shaft.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. your arms should hang straight down from your shoulder sockets at address, and
  2. all golf clubs are built on an angle.

Therefore, if the club is at an angle and your arms hang straight down, there has to be a bit of an angle between your hands/wrists and the club shaft.

The position I suggest has you starting with a small hinge in your wrists; it will help allow your hands and wrists to work better during the swing.  When the shaft and your arms are in a straight line, you wrists are locked and you aren’t in your most athletic position.

When it comes to your hands and arms at address, think “hang” don’t “reach”.