Squareness of Contact

To consistently hit the sweet spot for maximum distance, you should strive to swing with a square club face at all times. Unless, of course, you are trying to hit an intentional curve ball.

If your grip is correct, then it will be easy to return the club face square impact. If you have a faulty grip, then the club face cannot be squared at impact or you will have to make compensations.

  1. To determine your club face position at address and impact, hold the club out in front of you so that the shaft is parallel to the ground. The leading edge should be straight up and down.
  2. Then stretch your arms out as far as possible and check the club face. Ideally, the leading edge should stay square. If the club face twists open or closed, then this is how the club face will hit the ball at impact.
  3. If you continually hit shots to the right, then your club face is open at impact. When the club face is closed at impact your shots will shoot off to the left. Adjust your grip and setup until you achieve a square club face.

Experiment with your grip positions to find the one that suits you best.