If you’ve ever cooed over a designer golf outfit only to flip the tag over and exclaim, “Holy-sticker-shock, Batman!”, then you’re not alone.

A golf polo made with moisture-wicking material, complete with UV-blocking sun protection, is a key element for any golfer playing in the heat. But those materials often come at a price most families on a budget can’t afford. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the fashion and function your game deserves.

As a woman who loves a great deal just as much as a great round of golf, I’ve compiled a few helpful tips for saving on everything golf clothing.

Shop the sale and clearance racks

This one is pretty obvious, but what’s not so obvious when shopping at brick and mortar sports retail stores is where exactly the discount racks for women’s golf apparel items are located within the store. Skip the aimless wandering and digging through racks and head straight to a sales associate who can point you in the right direction. The variety you saw during your last trip may have been sparse, but as interest in women’s golf grows, so do the clothing options and it is always worth taking another look.

Get to know your brands, then shop online

Dedicating some time to determining the brands and styles you gravitate towards will help you save both time and money. Start by heading to the Pro Shop or retailer that carries the largest variety of women’s golf brands in your area. During your visit, try on as many tops, bottoms, and shoes as you can from each brand. Pay close attention to the styles that suit your tastes, how the sizing runs for each brand, and which fabrics and cuts are most flattering for your body. Make note of the brands you love and those you don’t. Then when you get home bookmark your favorite brands’ websites and sign-up for their e-newsletters (most will have one). Be on the lookout throughout the year for announcements of sales, coupon codes, and shop for pieces you like at prices you’ll love.

Take advantage of your memberships

If you’re a member of an organization like Women on Course, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association or the LPGA Women’s Network (of course 🙂 ), your affiliation could very well earn you access to negotiated brand discounts. Check in with the leadership team or on their website to see whether the golf organizations you’re a part of offer partner discounts as a member benefit.

Shop Discount Stores

Did you know discount retailers like Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross carry women’s golf clothing? I discovered a few of my favorite adidas Golf pieces in the women’s athleticwear racks and snagged them at an incredible bargain. You may have to do a little digging to find them, but it’s worth the search. You can purchase skorts, shorts, and polos for as little as $15 a piece.

Now that you’re equipped with a few tips for being thrifty, go forth and shop! Be sure to let us know of any great deals you find along the way in the comments, along with any other savings advice you have to share with our community members. Happy golfing!