If two holes share a green, would there ever be a time when the “playing from the wrong green” rule could come into play?

– Catharine B.

Hi Catherine,

The simple answer is “yes” but let’s talk about it.

The Committee can decide how they want to handle a double green. They can define it as one or two and for different reasons. Some greens might, for example, require a chip shot to get to another level, and the grounds crew might not like that.

For this reason, when a course has a green that serves as the putting green for two holes, the Committee may want to divide the green into two separate greens through Model Local Rule D-6. This would require a player who is on the wrong portion of the green to take relief under Rule 13.1f (Wrong Green). They would need to use stakes and/or paint (such as small green dots) to define the two greens and specify to the membership that this rule is in effect.

If the golf course has not defined it as two greens than it would just be one big green with two holes. The second hole would be defined as ground under repair so you could take relief under Rule 16.1a if your ball touches or is in it, it interferes with your area of intended stance or swing, or if your ball is on the putting green, it intervenes on your line of play.

Thanks for the question!