Getting ready to hit a golf shot will be one of the most important things you do on the course. The mission of golf is to start the clubface pointed at a target, swing the club back to the top of the back swing, and return the face back to square where it started. 

The clubface is square when the two vertical lines on the clubface point to where you want the golf ball to travel. The clubface will be sitting at an angle, with the toe of the face off the ground a little.  If the toe of the club sits down, the clubface will be closed. If it is too far off the ground, the face will be open. 



  1. Allow your forward arm to hang by your side. (left arm for right-handed players). As you hang your arm, do not allow your palm to face the sky. I tell my students not to give blood or play volleyball.  Once your arm is hanging relaxed by your side, grip the club.
  2. Hang over from the waist. (I call this the “partial puke” position. You are bowing over just enough not to get anything on yourself.)
  3. Your back hand goes on the club as if you are tossing a ball under-handed (right hand for right-handed players). If you are a right-handed player, your right thumb will be at 11:00. If you are a left-handed player, your left thumb will be at 1:00.
  4. Top of front arm is on the side of your chest (this determines how far you should be from the golf ball). No cleavage! (relax your arms)
  5. Bend your knees a little to feel like you’re in an athletic stance.
  6. Are your hands under your chin? They should be.
  7. Walk to the ball.
  8. Is the face square? Are you comfortable? If not, back away and redo your routine.
  9. Let it rip! 


Remember: Golf should never hurt. Try this tip at your comfort. If you start to feel pain, seek a professional’s advice.