At this point, we’re probably all more than a little ready to stop hearing the words “uncertain times”.

This period seems to be offering up more curveballs than we can keep track of, upending how we show up to work, go to the grocery store, and attend social events.

And for parents, we’ve been faced with navigating how best to help our kids through the hurdles of what school now looks like. Now that school has begun, we’re helping them cope with new rules, online learning, and the uncertainty around whether their fall sports and extracurricular activities will even happen this year. No matter what age, there are complicated emotions that come with the disruptions being thrown at our kids right now.

While it can all feel overwhelming, there are still opportunities to find a bit of normalcy for our families. More than ever, the golf course can be the little slice of heaven that gets you and your kids outdoors, enjoying a sport side-by-side, and safely reconnecting with one another without the noise of the outside world. And if you don’t believe me, the numbers of new and returning golfers clamoring to get to the course right now are setting records.

While this quarantine has had its fair share of challenges, it’s helped my family in particular to discover a new version of togetherness. We’ve spent many weekends together indoors laughing, reminiscing, and enjoying healthy debates. And in another week, we’ll transfer that togetherness to the golf course where my siblings, dad, and I will tee it up together for the first time as a family in nearly a decade.

The bonus is that my son will also be tagging along for his first experience on the golf course. Even at his young age, the disruption to his school experience, social life, and frankly all-around boredom with being at home, has given him a huge interest in golf.

I’d encourage anyone looking for a small break from it all to make a tee time and bring your kids with you. But before you do, be sure they’re signed up for a Youth on Course membership. The non-profit helps keep access to the game affordable for young people and their families, and Youth On Course members never pay more than $5 for a round of golf at participating courses.

When you’re on the course, relish in the time you’ll have together in golf’s sanctuary and go back as often as your family needs to get a break. You’ll all be thankful you did.